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Writers Collaboration Agreement

A Brief Introduction About the Writers Collaboration Agreement

When two authors meet and decide to prepare a story together, then nothing can be better than it. If you are working with another writer on a screenplay project, then it would be best to consider the writers’ collaboration agreement. For little projects, this agreement might not matter to you, but in the case of film projects, everyone should decide to get this agreement.When you are embarking on writing screenplay for budget film or a book, then it might consume a lot of time and can also earn you a lot of money. That’s why writing collaboration agreement become important for the co-authors.

Who Takes the Writers Collaboration Agreement?

The writers collaboration agreement is taken by the co-writers who work on a particular story together. There can be two or more writers who are working on a screenplay, and they prepare an agreement to resolve all the issues before starting the Work. There can be several issues that can arise after the writing procedure has started, and that’s why it is best to address all issues by drafting and signing the agreement.

It is best for writers to prepare a writer collaboration agreement before they decide to write a single word on a particular project. A lot of effort, time, and negative emotions can be prevented if the agreement has been signed by the writers.

Purpose of the Writers Collaboration Agreement

There are several reasons due to which it is crucial to have a co-authorship agreement. It helps in dividing the Work between the writers. There won’t be any burden on a particular writer, and they will need to stay committed to the Work equally. After the story earns money, then money should be managed, and it should be decided before even collaboration. That’s why money and copyright facts should be written in the agreement. It will help to avoid any disputes later.

The relationships won’t get worse when there is a signed agreement. The writer whose name will be on first should also be written in the agreement so that there won’t be any arguments over it afterward.

Contents of the Writers Collaboration Agreement

The writers collaboration agreement should contain the name of the writers, project name, project genre, and they also have to agree on several terms.

  • If, prior to the completion of the Work, either Party shall voluntarily withdraw from the collaboration.
  • It should include the final date or month till they would complete the manuscript of a film project. If any of the writers would leave the project before completion, then all the rights would be given to the writer who still works on the project. If any kind of dispute arises after the project completion, then the writer can also terminate this contract by sending a notice to another writer.
  • Any and each expense of any type must be incurred by either or both of the Parties in regards to the writing, registration, or sale or other disposition of the Work

How to Draft the Writers Collaboration Agreement?

  • It is understood that in addition to writing services, the writer shall perform the following tasks regarding the Work.
  • Expenses of any charges for which Parties should be equally responsible and shall not be incurred without advance mutual consent in writing.
  • If either Party voluntarily withdraws from the collaboration, then the remaining Party shall have the right to complete the Work alone.
  • Include a provision in your collective writing agreement where you decide to share the profits like revisions.
  • Most importantly, the laws and protocols that govern the collaboration should be involved in the agreement.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Writers Collaboration Agreement

The division of labor and money is defined in the co-writing agreement, which makes it crucial for every writer who wants to work on a writing project. There won’t be any chances of dispute, and this will prevent the relationships from getting sour. In case, someone exits from the writing collaboration all of a sudden, then it should also have a solution, and it should be mentioned in the clause.

The writer who steps out of the project in the middle of Work can’t be eligible to ask for share after the project has been released. There aren’t drawbacks to having an agreement because it is only going to secure the rights of both the writers who are working on a screenplay project together.

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What Happens in Case of Violation?

If any of the writers violate the law and obligations, then he would be punished as per written in the agreement. That’s why preparing a co-writing agreement becomes important so that none of the writers misuse their rights.

The writers collaboration agreement is to be signed by all writers and clauses, which included copyright and important matters that should contain signed writing to make it enforceable(1). There are many writers who face issues when they have to negotiate a written contract with the collaborator, as it can also ruin their relationship. If you aren’t able to craft an agreement, then there are chances that your collaboration in writing might become unsuccessful at the time period. So, planning collaborative scriptwriting doesn’t show any distrust in co-author, but it makes you responsible.