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Voting Agreement

A voting agreement lays down the terms and conditions related to the acquisition of a public company where the target company’s stockholder gives consent to vote in favor of a merger. Although a voting agreement is created keeping the buyer’s interests in mind, its purpose is to be practical and help both the parties in the negotiations. A shareholder voting agreement lays down the various rules and regulations on how the members of board of directors are to be elected and also voting terms related to other decisions taken by the company, including mergers and acquisitions.

A voting agreement may also refer to the formal deal between two or more shareholders who combine their voting shares to reach a common goal. This type of agreement is also called a pooling contract. In case one of the parties of the voting agreement violate any of the voting terms, then the other members can sue him and he may also be disqualified from voting.

Sample Voting Agreement

Voting Agreement

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