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Social Media Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Social Media Contract

We live in the age of social media. The number of people going digital and using social media platforms is only increasing each year. In such an atmosphere, it is important for any organization, big or small, to think of a good and strong social media strategy. Brands and organizations have to put a lot of thought behind how they want to manage their social media platforms and what image of the company they want to project.

Some companies hire employees who can manage social media for them, and some hire freelancers who can do the job for them. In either case, it is extremely important that a written contract is signed between both parties to outline the details of terms and conditions. Such an agreement between the organization and social media manager is known as a Social Media Contract.

This agreement sets the responsibilities and obligations of both entities forwards. It should be noted that a Social Media Contract can also be signed between the employer and all employees of an organization if the employer wants to set out guidelines for using the company’s name on their social media platforms.

Other names for social media contract are Social Media Agreement, Social Media Marketing Agreement, Social Media Management Contract, and Social Media Marketing Contract.

Who Takes the Social Media Contract? – People Involved

A Social Media Management Contract is signed between the employer and the social media manager. It can also be signed between the employer and all its employees for setting up the guidelines for using the company’s name on their social media platform. In some cases, the social media manager can be a freelancer or a social media marketing agency.

Purpose of the Social Media Contract – Why Do You Need It?

A company, brand, or organization’s reputation on social media platforms media can be of utmost importance these days. All brands are spending a whopping amount on the management of their social media pages so that their audience gets the right type of messaging. With the help of campaigns and digital marketing, these organizations are capitalizing on social media for their brand’s image and are reaching more and more people. The main purpose of this agreement is to increase brand awareness on the internet. Here are some more reasons why such a contract is needed –

  • A contract outlines the responsibilities of the social media manager
  • It contains the information related to payment, payment mode, etc
  • It sets forward the responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations of both parties
  • It is a legally binding agreement
  • It gives a dispute resolution method
  • It works as a single point reference for both the parties

Contents of the Social Media Contract – Inclusions

It should be noted that for each company, depending on its requirement, the Social Media Marketing Contract can be different. The contract doesn’t have to follow a set rule and procedure. There are many simple Social Media Contract templates available online. However, one should choose carefully and do the proper research.

All agreements have some basic details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of both parties. Other standard inclusions in the agreement are the responsibilities and obligations of the social media manager (freelance, agency, or in-house employee). The agreement must clearly include the details of deliverables, especially if the social media manager is a freelancer or agency. It should also include the payment term, mode, late delivery fine, etc. It should also include the details of governing laws and should have a clause for dispute resolution.

In case the social media contract is signed between the employer and its employees, it must contain all the guidelines for using the company’s name on personal social media platforms.

How to Draft the Social Media Contract?

Before drafting the social media contract, the employer must decide what his requirements are. The employer should research well and then, sum up his or her needs. Further, he or she should decide if they want to hire a social media manager full-time, freelancer, or a social media marketing agency. This decision is an extremely crucial decision for any organization. Generally, a company’s internal marketing team decides what they want to opt for. There is a lot of competition in the market when it comes to social media manager freelancers and agencies. Depending on the type of work these people have done in the past, the employer should pick the most suitable.

  • The employer must articulately convey their requirements to the social media manager so that the responsibilities and obligations are clear to both parties before drafting the agreement.
  • The employer can also show a sample of the kind of work he expects. It is always good to set expectations right.
  • Further, the agreement should be drafted very carefully. All clauses should be written in a simple language so that it is easy for both parties to understand the contract.
  • It is always good to be transparent with each other

Negotiation Strategy

For any freelancer or any agency, the negotiation process with the client is one of the most crucial procedures. Since there are many freelancers and agencies available to do the work for a client, the competition is growing. But it is also important for the manager to get a project at a decent price point. It is paramount to have a good negotiation strategy ready before you meet the client. You must be able to justify your rates by showing your previous work and giving new promises.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Social Media Contract

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are a few mediums that most clients want to be covered. They expect the marketeer or manager to make a full-fledged strategy and list of deliverables. The agreement can also have details of the budget and campaign ideas or details. There are many more benefits to using a Social Media Contract. Here are some:

  • The agreement ensures a smooth relationship between the client and the marketer
  • It gives a dispute resolution method
  • It makes the business partnership legally binding
  • It protects both parties and puts forward their rights
  • It ensures timely delivery and payment
  • It is good for the business
  • It makes the relationship smooth and easy

A well-written contract is bound only to benefit both parties. There are no drawbacks to using an agreement like this. However, it is suggested that you must take the help of an expert if you are a brand-new company and starting fresh with marketing.

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What Happens in Case of Violation?

Payment issues, delivery issues, etc. are a few common problems that occur between a client and a social media manager. Both parties must specify everything in the agreement clearly so that later, they can mediate(1). Both parties are well within their rights to approach the court. However, that can be avoided completely if parties just abide by the agreement. Parties must maintain a healthy relationship with each other. The manager should deliver everything on time, so there are no conflicts, and payment is also made on time.

Social Media Management contract is extremely important for both the employer and the marketer in today’s time. A good relationship between these two entities ensures a strong and solid presence of the company on the Internet.