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Side Artist Agreement

A Brief Introduction About the Side Artist Agreement

The Side Artist agreement is a contract that is utilized when a record label, artist or producer hires a musician, singer (who is not part of the artist’s group or band) to perform on an artist’s recording. Also, a flat fee is provided to the artist on work for hire basis, and the content would be utilized by the officiating artist, ensuring full control of the copyright.

Who Takes the Side Artist Agreement?

A side artist agreement is a contract made between an Artist and an Agent who will represent their business interests. This agreement is utilized when an artist, producer, or songwriter hires an artist, vocalist, or musician to be featured on the project.

Purpose of the Side Artist Agreement

As an artist, the work demands most of your time. Side Artist Agreement is a contract between you as well as an agent who will work hard to help brand your name, granting you more space and energy towards developing your talents.

You must use this agreement if:

  • You are an artist seeking an agent for greater exposure.
  • You are an agent interested in representing an artist.

Contents of the Side Artist Agreement

The contents covered in an agreement include;

  • Identifying Details:  In this agreement, the parties’ detail and contact information must be clearly shown in the agreement together with the title or name of such a business partnership.
  • Time Frame:  The agreement must also state how long would the agreement be in effect or how long would the agency be representing your work. In a few cases, an escape clause is also incorporated in case nothing sells after a certain period.
  • Geographic Exclusivity: The scope of representation through the other party must also be specified in the agreement. It includes how much control do the agencies have over your work and which geographical area are they permitted to sell.
  • Percentage Split:  The complete price of any artwork is usually split evenly among the artist and its representative. Agencies must be stopped from marking up the market value of your work and leaving you with a little percentage.

How to Draft the Side Artist Agreement

The important points that you need to consider while drafting an agreement are;

  • The shooting days (“the Shooting Days”) at times specified by in accordance with the expected schedule
  • The right to exploit the performances in the Commercial and any part, cut-down, re-edit or image from the Commercial, its soundtrack and the Stills
  • The “Licensed Period”
  • The consensus of Buy-out fee which gives the agent the right to exploit the material during the license period
  • Mode of payment
  • Copyrights
  • Confidential information

Once the agreement reflects the above-mentioned points, it should be 0-signed by both the parties

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Side Artist Agreement

The benefit of this agreement is that aside artist is engaged to contribute vocals to a recording. This agreement permits the side artist to keep ownership of any lyrics he or she might write.

The Drawback includes that no matter how good and commercialized an artist’s work is, in case it doesn’t reach the right people with the appropriate product lines, it would simply wither unnoticed in the artist’s studio. However, what an agent could do for an artist, at the outset of the relationship, is to assist the artist in developing his/her art in a manner which makes it attractive towards manufacturers and exhibiting it at the various trade shows and equally if not more importantly, make private presentation and pitches towards the right people/firms.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

If there is any default or breach by Artist in the performance of any of Artist’s obligation or warranties as defined in this agreement, the company, by written notice to Artist, as well as any other rights or remedies which it might have at law or otherwise, at its election, might terminate the term or might suspend its obligations for the duration of such default or breach and/or can extend the expiration date of the then-current contract period for a period equal to every or any part of the period of such default or breach.

If any default or breach is done by Company in the performance of any of its responsibilities or warranties hereunder, Artist would give the company written notice of such default. The company would then have 60 days to cure such breach before being declared through Artist to be in breach or default of this Agreement(1).

This is an agreement that is utilized when an artist, producer, or songwriter hires an artist, vocalist, or musician to be featured on their project. This agreement provides an opportunity for local artists to have an increased exposure that ensures a larger representation of their work.