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Retail Store License Agreement

The process of selling goods or services to consumers in an open market is known as retailing and such open market is known as a retail store. It is necessary to have a retails store license agreement in order to sell products using another company’s brand name in the retails store.

There are various kinds of retail store licenses. The purpose of the agreement is also to develop a symbiotic relationship with the company’s who’s branded goods the retail is selling.

There are few points required to be mentioned in this agreement:

  • The kind of products the retails store plans to sell
  • The price at which they plan to sell
  • The Act and regulations that need to be followed
  • The physical layout of the establishment
  • The brands or the companies’ products that the retail intend to sell
  • The location of the store.

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Sample for Retail Store License Agreement

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Retail Store License Agreement

Retail Store License Agreement

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