Restated Investors’ Rights Agreement

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Restated Investors’ Rights Agreement

The restated investors’ rights agreement is an official document that concerns the rights granted to investors and contains the corresponding terms and conditions relevant in such deals and agreements. The basic areas covered by such an agreement include the registration rights, right to proper and complete information, as well as the “rights of first offer” as may be present and applicable through contractual terms, and the rights for preemption, that is, those rights that provide for the purchase of securities in succeeding financings of equity held by the Company. The restated investors’ rights agreement also often includes several contracts and conventions of the Company, in the post-closing phase.

The agreement may be modified as per one’s individual or the company’s requirements – selected sections may be updated, deleted, or even newer aspects and fields may be added. The restated investors’ rights agreement provides for several sub-sections to each major area of concern, thereby providing a wide scope of functionalities.


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