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Reseller Agreement

A reseller agreement is also called a product reseller agreement where a firm or individual, who has good sales skills but doesn’t have the ability to develop products, enters into an agreement to ask other companies to sell their products to him so that he can sell them for profit. Such an agreement must contain the names, contact details and consent of both firms and the reason why one wants to resell the products. Although the reseller is the one making more profits here, such an agreement benefits the original manufacturer too because the reseller helps to promote their products on a larger scale.

The original manufacturer may grant exclusive or non-exclusive reselling rights to the other company. The terms of the agreement must mention the rights of the reseller, the names of the products it can resell, delivery method of the products, mode of payment, date of contract and conditions under which the agreement will be terminated.

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Sample Reseller Agreement

Reseller Agreement

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