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Replacement Capital Covenant Agreement

A replacement capital covenant is a formal agreement which is used to keep a proper amount of solidity on a balance sheet and for the benefit of the debt holder. A specific amount of funds are kept aside so that one is able to buy back the stocks from stockholders who want to sell in the future. It is that provision in an agreement where the issuer of securities agrees not to repay, redeem or repurchase the qualified preference shares till a specified date.

A rating agency or the country’s regulatory body may ask the issuer to issue substitute securities of similar capital strength and equivalent equity features by which any securities which are redeemed can be replaced. All those securities which have a strong replacement capital covenant or RCC have a better chance of receiving good ratings and also have a good equity-credit ratio. This shows that the securities have a high capacity to absorb losses.

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Sample Replacement Capital Covenant Agreement

Replacement Capital Covenant Agreement

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