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Remediation Agreement

A remediation agreement is a type of document where terms and conditions are laid down for the correction or remediation of a fault, error or damage. There can be different types of remediation agreements. For example, if there is any environmental damage like pollution of water through contaminants, a remediation agreement will outline the process of remediation or removal of those contaminants.

Such an agreement is also created by real estate agents where a tenant or buyer can cancel a contract if the landlord or seller does not undertake responsibility of mold remediation process or pay for the expenses of remediation in the house. Remediation agreements are also used to lay down the process of addressing the shortcomings of a teacher in a school by giving him a chance to rectify those mistakes before the final decision of firing him is considered. Employees who have been fired unlawfully by their companies can also opt for the option of remediation.

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Sample Remediation Agreement

Remediation Agreement

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