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Real Estate Marketing Ideas that are Bound to Be Successful

The number of real estate properties is rising. Soon the overall market promises to veer towards the buyers. Even in high-demand areas, real estate professionals find it difficult to match the competition because of the number of places that offer similar services. Realtors must step up their marketing game to stay relevant in the competition by coming up with unique real estate marketing ideas.

With the entire world going digital, realtors must find ways to market online so that they stay relevant. Some marketing ideas for realtors are

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Build an Online Portfolio

An important step to make your business known is to tell people everywhere that you’re online. Build a portfolio, step up your website, and listings. Your website or online presence speaks volumes about the kind of business you are doing. There are a lot of realtors competing for representing the same property or the same area. Your website is the first representation and the face of your business. Your landing page should be appealing to the viewers.

Creating a website for your real estate business will show prospective clients what you have to offer. Include listings on your site and update them regularly – this will keep prospects coming to your site as they search for properties.

Build a Blog

It would be best if you blogged about your business and what your business caters to in the area. You could talk about the things to do in the area, the new and happening aspects about the locality, the rising costs and prices of the buildings, the public perception of the properties in the area. You may choose to blog about anything you want. However, maintaining an online presence is important because people are going google about the locality and the properties before coming for a visit. If your blogs and presence speak about the locality and the properties, it will be useful for the public and build your business

Content creation should be an essential part of any real estate marketing strategy. If you’re selling new homes in the suburbs, there are many towns that a person moving for work could go to apart from the city they chose. A blog can be a great place for them to learn about the schools, hobbies, and things that make your little slice of heaven charming. When you consider that you’re also competing against Realtors in other towns, that can be essential

Send a monthly newsletter roundup of your blog content and contact contacts when new property listings are available.

Maintain Social Media Presence

It would be best if you kept abreast of what is happening in the real estate world. But that’s only the first step in the process. It would help if you immersed yourself in it. You need to be able to contribute. The fastest way and the widest reach is with social media. It would help if you had a social media presence for your business – particularly in the case of newly constructed real estate properties.

Instagram is another tool to get in touch with home buyers, promote your listings, and grow your brand. And your most beautiful images can reach even more people with paid promotion. Instagram ads(1) allow you to pick a target audience, budget, post type (e.g., image, video, carousel), and length of your promotion. And you can also use targeted hashtags(2) to ensure that posts are presented to the people you’d like to reach.

Having a social media account means more than just having a Facebook page or an Instagram account. You need to understand whom you should target and how you should target them. Remember that your clients need not always be targeted directly. In many cases, even if you reach their friends or acquaintances, you can still reach your target audience. But the conversion ratio in doing this is small and hence, not worth the effort that you would put into doing this

Do Virtual Tours

Make sure you upload regular videos and snippets of the property you are working with or representing. There could be people who couldn’t make it for a site visit. Having videos that explore the property in-depth could be really useful for those prospective clients. It would help shortlist your property easily because they know what they are opting for by checking your property. Online staging saves you the time and money of physically staging the property. And a 2018 study of 4,200+ homes found 85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more(3) than unstaged homes.

When doing tours, make sure you tell them what they could do with the property or various rooms. Draw a model of the property to show people. This will make sure that they are not underwhelmed or disappointed when they finally see the property. This is important because videos can’t capture the property accurately. There will always be a difference in lighting and camera angles, which will distort your property’s actuality.

This is true in the case of buyers that you might lose as well. There is a chance that people would be underwhelmed with the property and won’t go past the stage of finalizing your property. So, it’s a trade-off that you have to consider carefully before doing. Include images of the properties that link to the full listing, a video walkthrough of the property, or a virtual staging of the home.

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Identifying the property you want to settle with is only the first step. The next steps involve creating a contract when you decide to purchase the plot.