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Puppy Sale Contract

A Brief Introduction of Puppy Sale Contract

It is important to have a puppy sale contract when someone who is a professional dog breeder sells puppies to a customer. These contracts provide all the relevant information about the dog after due verification, like its pedigree, the vet who has checked the dog, the health screening and vaccinations completed, registration details, and so on. The necessary certification, registration, and identification details are also provided so that the buyer cannot accuse the seller of providing wrong information.

Every contract needs to be customized according to the needs of the breeder and the buyer. Different clauses would need to be inserted. A contract for a puppy meant for a household would differ from one that is bought for performance.

For a puppy that is a thoroughbred, certificates, and references relating to the pedigree need to be provided. If there are certain medical conditions that have been inherited, this too needs to be mentioned in the contract. Depending on the species, certain dogs have special capabilities for certain tasks. If a guarantee is provided, the cost of the dog will go up. If the dog has undergone training under a certified trainer, then the details of the trainer are required.

Who Takes the Puppy Sale Contract

Puppy sales contracts are entered between dog breeders (or sellers) and dog owners (or buyers). The dog breeder needs to ensure that the information about the dog is authentic, and provide the required proof. The dog owner needs to verify the details provided by the seller.

How Do You Ship a Puppy

A puppy can be shipped by air in a specially designed and labeled crate after being cleared by a vet.

Where to Sell Puppy Fast

To sell a puppy fast, you need to provide a good photograph and relevant information on social media.

Purpose of the Puppy Sale Contract

Puppy buyers are very serious about their purchase. They like to know whether they are getting what they have paid for. Buyers would like to verify the pedigree of the dog, the lineage, the health screenings, vaccinations, and training details, if any.

The dog breeders need to know the breed of the dog, including all the characteristics. The puppy needs to be examined by a vet and certified as healthy. Information about the date of birth, color, and breed will be accurate if the puppy is with the Kennel Club or any other established company.

If the seller provides the buyer with authentic information regarding the puppy, then the possibility of disputes in the future are minimized, and the buyer cannot take action against the seller for providing false information.

Contents of the Puppy Sale Contract

A puppy sale contract should include the following information:

  • Details of the puppy: Name, date of birth, breed, Kennel Club registration details, if any
  • Identification details
  • Pedigree and registration
  • Parents: Genetic screening for any inherited health problems
  • Health & Vaccinations: Details of vet, vaccinations
  • Quality and potential: Specific abilities of the dog
  • Training: Details of the trainer and training course
  • Transaction details: Price, mode of payment, delivery, and shipment, right to return
  • Returning the dog to the breeder in certain situations
  • Agreements and signatures: Both parties to sign approving all the terms and conditions in the contract

How to Draft the Puppy Sale Contract

These contracts can be drafted using puppy sale contract templates. The points to consider while drafting the agreement are:

  • Eligibility to contract: Both parties to the contract should be of legal age and not be under the influence of alcohol. There should be no coercion on the part of either party 
  • Consideration for the contract: The price paid by the buyer and the mode of payment
  • Details about the dog: The agreement should provide all relevant details regarding the dog: it’s pedigree, training, lineage, medical problems, and so on
  • Contract Terms: The contract should not provide any undue advantage to a party
  • Dispute resolution clause: Arbitration, and the concerned jurisdiction 
  • Signatures: There should be a page reserved for the signatures of the buyer and the seller

Negotiation Strategy

In the case of this contract, the buyer should verify the market price of the pedigree they are looking for. They should negotiate a price depending on the lineage, training, health, and other parameters. The agreement should be signed after a mutually agreed price is arrived at.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of the Puppy Sale Contract

The benefits of this contract are as under:

  • Protection of interest: The interest of the buyer and seller are protected. The buyer gets a puppy whose quality is verified, and the seller gets a fair price. The seller has to provide all supporting documents while selling the puppy
  • Legal action: If the seller has provided misleading information about the puppy or the buyer has not paid on time, both parties can take legal action

The drawbacks of this contract are given below:

  • No quality assurance: The quality of the puppy cannot be guaranteed. 
  • No legal remedy: Neither party can take any legal action for non-performance by the other party

What Happens in Case of Violation

It is better to check a puppy contracts sample online before signing an agreement. If the buyer or seller violates the contract(1), they can seek money damages from the other party. If there is fraud involved, then either the contract is canceled under rescission or a new contract drawn under reformation. The buyer can demand the money paid under restitution. In case of a puppy deposit contract, if the buyer fails to pay within the due date, the deposit is forfeited.

Both the buyer and the seller need to exercise caution in case of a puppy sale contract. The seller needs to gather all the important certificates and other documents to prove the authenticity of the puppy, and the buyer needs to verify all the information.