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Public Relation Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Public Relation Contract

A Public Relation Contract is a detailed contract that stipulates the necessary terms and conditions the client and Public Relations company has to follow until the end of the deal. The contract can be drafted for a special project or ongoing PR work.

To protect the client and PR company/freelancer, a Public relations agreement is signed. The form lays out all the obligations that each party has to stick to. A business can hire a PR firm to communicate effortlessly with the public and media. The job of a Public Relations company is to write effective pitches and assist the organization in getting in touch with the best journalists out there. A contract acts as evidence of the deal between the brand and the PR company.

Who Takes the Public Relation Contract?

Public Relations agreements are drafted by the PR company, but the client can also suggest additional clauses. The contract is signed between the Public Relations Company (the party that agrees to offer PR services to the client) and the client (the party that agrees to hire the particular PR company).

The public relation contract specifies the jobs the client is expecting from the PR service providers. For example, the agreement form should have all the services such as Meeting and Counsel, Press Release Writing, Distribution, Media Contact, and more.

Purpose of the Public Relation Contract

The well-drafted public relations contracts are necessary for both clients and PR companies. Not only does it ensure a safe and legal deal, but it simplifies the communication by highlighting the responsibilities of each party towards one another.

By drafting and signing the PR contract, you can avoid confusion in terms of services, payment, delivery date, output expectations, and the duration of the deal. The agreement clarifies the expectations of the relationship, avoiding possible chaos in the future. Another purpose of this contract is to ensure that the client and service provider enters a safe and legal deal.

Contents of the Public Relation Contract

Some important clauses that are found in every PR agreement form are as follows:

  • Identification: Like any other contract, the PR agreement form starts with the introduction section. The names, address, and contact details of both parties is mentioned on the first page of the contract.
  • Services: This section stipulates the services rendered by the Public Relations Company. All the services that the client is expecting from the service provider should be mentioned clearly with a small description (if required).
  • Fees and Expenses: Under this section, the monthly/weekly fees charged by the PR company will be mentioned. The client should look into this section to verify the fees before signing the contract. The PR company can also add any security deposit or miscellaneous expenses in this section.
  • Duration: It specifies the start date of the term and the end duration. Should any party decide to call off the deal before the last date of the contract, they will be subject to penalty.
  • Terms and Conditions: This part explains the conditions each party has to follow until the contract terminates. The client can also add a confidential clause that will restrict the PR company from releasing the sensitive details of the companies or using confidential information to their advantage.

The contents of the public relations agreement also include dispute resolution, liability limitations, public disclosure, indemnification, and other aspects that must be included.

How to Draft the Public Relation Contract?

PR contracts can differ. Depending on the services provided by the PR agency and expectations of the client, the contract can have several clauses. You can review the PR contracts template for better understanding.

Here are some pointers the agreement writers should keep in mind while drafting the form:

  • A well-written PR agreement form should specify the obligations of each party with a proper description. The parties must be able to read and understand the clauses.
  • The contract form should start with the identification of each party and include all the crucial clauses such as terms of service, obligations, indemnification, fees, and expenses, services, expected outcome, and more.
  • The contract should clearly define the penalties each party will face should anyone refuse to abide by the mentioned clauses.

No party should sign this contract until they have read and understood all the clauses. And once you have signed it, you will have to abide by all the terms. Make sure that each party understands and agrees to the clauses specified in the contract.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Public Relation Contract


  • Hire the Best PR Company: When you make a deal with the legal documents, there’s a good chance you get to work with a trusted and professional PR agency.
  • Clarity of Obligations: With PR contracts, it gets easier for each party to know their obligations.


  • You will be at risk of getting stuck with the company if you sign a long-term contract and agree to hire the company for long. Even if you want to end the deal in the future, you won’t be able to do so until the contract terminates.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

The penalties can vary depending on the intensity of the contract violation. The contract has a penalty and dispute resolution clause(1) that must be followed should any party breach the terms. Failure to pay fees, inability to provide the expected services, lack of communication, and any other violation could result in the cancellation of the deal.

PR contracts should be drafted and signed by the PR company and client before a deal is finalized. The PR company should go over the sample public relations contract to get an idea of drafting such agreements.