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Proxy Card Agreement

A proxy card is a type of card which is made at home or easily available to serve as a substitute for a collectible card — a card where there is a picture of a famous person, place or thing along with some information about it. In case a collectible card game player doesn’t own a card or if the card is too expensive, it would not be possible for him to buy the card. Again, when the player is ‘playtesting’ with many cards or undergoing training for a competition, he would rather use proxy cards before selecting the real collectible cards to be brought to the competition or buy or trade them.

The proxy card is used as a substitution but serves the same purpose as a real card. Sometimes the collectible card can be very valuable and so the player uses the proxy card in order to save the real card from any damage during the competitive tournament.

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Sample Proxy Card Agreement

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Proxy Card Agreement

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