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Proxy Agreement

Proxy agreements are a particular type of written document where a person gives another person the authorization to legally take any action or decision on his behalf. These agreements can be used for a variety of purposes and reasons. It is most commonly used by a shareholder who creates a proxy agreement with another shareholder who gets the right to vote on his behalf during a company’s annual general meeting.

A proxy agreement can be effective for a specific period, long or short which also depends on the purpose of creating the agreement. The shareholder can instruct the proxy on who to vote for, corporate decisions etc and thereby the proxy becomes a spokesperson for the shareholder. If the shareholder decides to attend the corporate meeting, he will get back the right to vote and the proxy need to represent him anymore. In short, proxy agreements can be summarized as legal documents where an individual gives consent to another individual to represent him.

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Sample Proxy Agreement

Proxy Agreement

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