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Project Finance Agreement

Project finance agreement is a contract which delineates the project distribution along with the budget of the cost that would be incurred for accomplishing it. Such kind of agreements is exclusively signed between the financier and producers with the purpose of fulfilling a certain project. It should essentially include the tenets of the project, capital needed to be involved, contingency plans, publicity cost, complimentary privileges etc. Furthermore, one must also ensure to keep the following points well-maintained within such agreements.

Should specify the total capital that is being received for initiating the project and how it would be controlled. Explicate the details of the obligations on the producers. It should also emphasis on the payment disbursement schedule, accounting procedures and escrow account, if any. Should also discuss about the approx return that the financier is expected to earn from the investment. Moreover, it should also mention whether it has multiple financiers or not.

Sample Project Finance Agreement

A sample of the agreement can be downloaded from below.

Project Finance Agreement Template

Project Finance Agreement

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