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Pet Sitting Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Pet Sitting Contract

This contract must include all the details of the Pet Sitter and the Pet in written format. The Agreement must include the Pet Sitter responsibilities and the role of the Petsitter in taking care of the pet. The basic requirements and the roles of the Pet Sitter must include the duration of working hours, the feeding time and number of times the pet should be fed, amount of food to be fed to the pet, walking time, pet medical check-up, pet playing time, medication, hourly monitoring, pet conditioning etc.

All the details of the Pet, including the health condition, medication, and behavior must be mentioned in the Agreement. All details of the Pet Sitter must be included in the Pet Sitting Agreement. Pet Owner must take due care while specifying the agreement details.  Pet Sitting Business involves a lot of conditions and rules to be implemented. It is a highly demanding and lucrative business.

Who Takes the Pet Sitting Contract? – People Involved

The agreement is between the Pet Owner and the Pet Sitter. A proper template must be prepared to ensure that all the details have been encompassed in it. A pet sitting business form must be prepared to have all the details required in it. The pet-sitting forms must be made and distributed to all the people involved in it.

Pet Sitting Business Forms are available in many areas of the city. Details pertaining to the Pet Sitter must be taken such as the Pet Sitter residential address, Training Experience – Years of training and type of breed handled before, Reputation – Years of reputation involving the quality of work performed, Agency of work – Name and Address of Agency, Social Security Number of the Pet Sitter must be collected. All of the above parameters should be considered and appropriately asserted.

Details of the Owner should be listed sequentially, place of residence, Pet Owner requirements, and conditions must be discussed beforehand. Pet owner must describe the terms and conditions required to take care of the Pet. Pet Owner should take the agency, and three references from the Pet Sitter and a Liability form must be prepared to ensure that the Pet Sitter is safe and reliable.  Pet Sitting is done to many animals such as Dog, Cat, etc. but Dog sitting is more prevalent than any other animal. Dog sitter or boarding for dogs is a great business worldwide.

Purpose of the Pet Sitting Contract – Why Do You Need It?

All the details and people involved must be known to each other, and the working environment should be professionally supporting. For all this to occur, we need the rule of the Federal State or Law to be applicable over there. The process of involving a caretaker person into the job and allowing him/her to take care of the Pet Animal is tedious. This entire process has to take place in a systematic manner.

The purpose of the agreement is to have confidence in the Pet Sitter and possess complete information of the person who is assigned the responsibility of being a Pet Sitter. Trust and Harmony can be developed while the agreement is being initiated.

The Pet Sitter role must be completely defined in the Agreement, and the Pet Sitter should be aware of the specific details in the Agreement and what the Pet Owner expects him/her to do exactly. The Pet Sitting agencies can have the Pet Sitting Business Forms available freely. These forms can be made use for Contract Purpose.

Contents of the Pet Sitting Contract – Inclusions

The contents of the Contract must be specific and accurate according to the needs and necessities of the Pet Owner.

Time Period: Time Period of the agreement must be specified and followed judiciously. It has to be accepted by both sides regarding the duration of the Contract Period. The number of hours per day should be specified. In the case of overtime duty, the payment options should be discussed beforehand. All details should be furnished in a precise manner.

Payment Details: Details regarding the Payment methods and timings should be discussed and approved beforehand. Payment with respect to the allowances, perks and extra charges should be discussed in the Contract. In the case of any extra expenditure such as Medical Emergency or shortage of food to the Pet then what are the means of repaying the amount should be briefed in detail.

Caretaker Activities: The Pet has to follow its daily activities with the support of the Pet Sitter. Pet Sitter has to be briefed on the number of times he/she is supposed to make the pet walk, pet playtime, groom or feed in a day. Daily activities of the Pet should be informed to the caretaker, and the procedure to be adopted with the specific conditions involved in it, should be discussed and detailed to the Pet Sitter.

How to Draft the Pet Sitting Contract?

  • Medical Status: The Health condition of the Pet should be discussed in detail, and if any medical treatment is required on a routine basis, then it should be conveyed in the Contract. In case any medical treatment substances have to be administered on the pet, it should be intimated in the Pet Sitting Contract.
  • Health Allergies and various shortcomings of health and behavior should be informed to the Pet Sitter during the commencement of the Pet Sitting Contract. In case of a medical emergency, how should the Pet Sitter act and what contacts he/she is supposed to possess, should be discussed in detail.

The nearest Hospital Contact Numbers, contact number of the respective persons should be informed to the Pet Sitter. There are times the Pet shows highly aggressive behavior, moody behavior towards certain people, behavior towards children, elderly, and other people should be informed to the Pet Sitter. The medication kit of the Pet should be under the possession of the Pet Sitter, and he/she must be aware of the usage and administration of the Medical kit.

  • Licenses/Insurance: The license of the agency through whom the pet owner has contacted should be verified and checked by the Pet Owner. The reputation and performance ratings and accreditation of the Pet Sitter must be verified and certified in an appropriate manner.

The License and experience of the Petsitter should be checked by the Pet Owner before formally enrolling him/her. The Insurance part must be clarified and specified in the Contract. The amount of insurance the pet can avail, and the duration of insurance should be specified in the contract. Specific conditions and situations where the insurance can be applied should be specified in the contract. Insurance liabilities and insurance applicable locations must be mentioned in the Pet Sitting Contract.

  • Signature and Address Proof: The signatures of the Pet Sitter and Pet owner should be as per the official signature on the Government issued Address proofs. The Address proof of the Pet Sitter and present address of communication should be mentioned in the contract.

The Social security number and references of the Pet Sitter must be mentioned and checked by the Pet Owner during the Pet Sitting agreement process. At least 3 references of the Pet Sitter must be taken and kept for future communications.

  • Environmental Rules: The Pet Sitter should be aware of the home and surrounding rules to the followed at the time of Pet Sitting. The temperature to be maintained in the surroundings of the Pet, the airflow speed adjustments, areas of movement of the Pet should be known and followed by the Pet Sitter.

In case of any change in environment and climatic conditions then how the Pet Sitter should react, it should be discussed in brief. Daily, weekly, and monthly check-up parameters and logbooks of the Pet should be maintained by the Petsitter in a diligent manner. The Pet Sitter will be in possession of important household items such as Room keys, food baskets, etc. He/she should keep good control and strict maintenance of the household items.

Negotiation Strategy

In case of any discrepancies occurring during the Contract process, then either party of the contract can intimate the party regarding the changes in strategy or procedure. The aspects to be changed or discussed can be informed to either side of the party, and discussion can be held during the free time.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Pet Sitting Contract

The Pet Sitting Contract has its own set of benefits and flaws. The contract serves as a medium to know the information and needs of the Pet. The Pet owner can have direct interaction with the Pet Sitter to know the potential working capabilities of the Pet Sitter.

The Pet Owner can have a confident way of dealing with the situation by following the contract rules and regulations. In case anything goes against the contract, then the legal and insurance procedures as per the law should be diligently followed. These features of the contract provide a major boost of confidence for either side to perform their duties in a free and fair manner without any queries or apprehensions in their minds.

The Contract does not guarantee that the Pet Sitter would work 100% as per the rules mentioned in the Pet Sitting Contract. The safety, efficiency standards, and security depend on the working methodology of the Pet Sitter, and it cannot be measured by the Pet Sitting Contract Details. The working diligence and sincere attitude of the Pet Sitter can be observed during the working period of the Pet Sitting Contract and not during the commencement of the Pet Sitting Contract.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

In case of any violation from the side of the Pet Owner or the Pet Sitter, they can approach the agency that has supported and initiated the contract. In case of further violation or disputes, an arbitrator can be appointed and referred to the federal court of law in the respective area of jurisdiction(1). The charges towards arbitration and legal procedures should be incurred independently by either side of the contracting party.

As per the above Pet Sitting Contract rules we can infer that due care has to be taken while mentioning the fine details of the contract such as – Daily activities of the pet, time period, payment process, timings, pet welfare’s, pet foods, pet monitoring, environment maintenance, insurance, legal documents, medical kit, and emergency requirements, should be analyzed and executed with perfection.

Pet Sitting Contract serves as a tool of confidence and a knowledgeable method of getting the work done in a timely and oriented fashion. The Pet Sitting Contract must encompass all the details in a comprehensive manner to be executed in the Pet Sitting Contract. The contract must be reviewed in a timely fashion. By considering the points in a lucid manner, we can implement the Pet Sitting Contract successfully.

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