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Pennsylvania Lease Agreement

A Pennsylvania lease is a legal document used by a landlord when he leases his property to a tenant in the state of Pennsylvania, US. Since housing laws in the US are governed by the states, every state has its own set of rules and regulations besides following the federal rules. Pennsylvania has to follow fair housing laws, meaning, the landlord cannot discriminate against a tenant on the basis of his colour, race, religion, sex, nationality or disability.

The landlord must give a warranty of habitability, meaning he must keep the house in good condition by following all the health and safety codes and if he does not act on any written complaint given by the tenant who has to do repair work himself, the landlord must deduct the repair expenses amount from the tenant’s rent. Pennsylvania lease does not have any specific notice period and it varies from lease to lease. The security deposit is returned after the landlord inspects the property.

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Sample Pennsylvania Lease Agreement

Pennsylvania Lease Agreement

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