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Oklahoma Lease Agreement

An Oklahoma lease refers to a lease agreement created between the owner of a property and the lessee who agree to certain terms and conditions with reference to the leased property in the state of Oklahoma, US. These terms help to protect the interests of both parties and ensure that there are no conflicts later.

According to Oklahoma law, tenants must make sure that the rented property is kept in clean conditions and all the health and safety code are followed. They must refrain from any criminal activities and not cause any disturbance to other tenants. The landlord must also ensure that the property is in good condition and all plumbing, heating, cooling units are in good condition. If the landlord does not conduct any repair work in the property even after getting complaints, the tenant has a right to deduct the amount he spends on the repairs (if it is less than $100) from the rent amount.

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Sample Oklahoma Lease Agreement

Oklahoma Lease Agreement

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