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Ohio Lease Agreement

An Ohio lease refers to a lease document created between the landlord and a tenant in the state of Ohio, US which mentions the various terms and conditions related to the leasing of a particular property. As residential lease laws in the US are governed by the respective states, every state including Ohio has to follow some rules and regulations related to a lease.

Landlords in Ohio are responsible for following all the safety health codes and providing a habitable property to the tenant, who must also ensure that he will keep the property in good condition, remove garbage, not disturb other tenants and will inform the landlord if any repair work is required. The landlord cannot enter the premises unless it is major emergency and must give 24 hours’ prior notice to do so. Landlords in Ohio cannot sue the tenant without informing him and cannot nullify the tenant’s rights to sue him in case the tenant gets hurt because of some defect in the house.

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Sample Ohio Lease Agreement

Ohio Lease Agreement

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