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North Carolina Lease Agreement

North Carolina lease refers to a lease document created by the landlord and tenant of a property which clearly outlines the terms and conditions to be followed by the two parties in the state of North Carolina, US. These terms are governed by the state laws and in case of North Carolina also there are special laws which protect the rights of the landlord and tenant.

For example, in North Carolina the landlord can charge a late rent fee to the tenant of five per cent of the rent amount if the rent is not paid five days after the due the date. The tenant can be evicted from the property if he engages in any sort of criminal activity, does not pay the rent on time, violates the lease rules and regulations or refuses to evict the property after the lease term has expired. The landlord must ensure that the property rented is in good condition which must maintained well by the tenant.

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Sample North Carolina Lease Agreement

North Carolina Lease Agreement

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