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Newborn Photography Contract

A Brief Introduction of Newborn Photography Agreement

A newborn photography contract is a detailed agreement that specifies the obligations of the photographer and the parents of the newborn child. People who are expecting a child often choose a photographer and arrange for the photo-shoot before the delivery date. They do it before the expected delivery date to avoid the stress of searching for a reliable photographer at the eleventh hour.

The Newborn photography contract is essential for parents and photographers to ensure a healthy and legal deal. The agreement has all the terms that both parties are supposed to follow. The document works as evidence that can be used in the case of confusion or disputes.

Who Takes the Newborn Photography Agreement?

The newborn contract agreement is signed between the photographer and the expecting parents. The photographer promises to arrive at the hospital during the delivery time and click some pictures before, during, and after the delivery.

The contract consists of the price the client accepts to pay to the photographer for their services, the expected number of pictures from the photographer, delivery of the photographs, and other such essential requirements.

Purpose of the Newborn Photography Agreement

The newborn photography contract is drawn by the photographer. This document helps the clients and photographers to understand their obligations and abide by the contract terms. Should there be any breach or misconduct that violates the contract, the responsible party will be subject to a penalty.

The main purpose of designing a newborn photography contract is to make all the terms and conditions clear to the photographer and client. The contract specifies the payments, identification, violation policy, copyright, and privacy terms, photography expectation, and other mandatory terms that each party has to abide by.

Contents of the Newborn Photography Agreement

Contents of this contract are as follows:

  • Identification: The first section of the contract describes the names and other information about each party. The name, state, city, contact details, and other such information of the photographer and client need to be specified in the contract.
  • Photography Details: The name and address of the hospital, as well as the estimated delivery date, is specified under this part.
  • Photography Pricing: The rates that the client agrees to pay the photographer are mentioned under the pricing section. This should also include the upfront payment, additional fees, and due payment. The photographer can specify the breakdown of the pricing, such as editing price, clicking cost, travel charges, parking fees, and other costs.
  • Deposits and Cancellations: Your agreement should include clauses that deal with the refundable deposit paid. If there is a cancellation or postponement of a session by the client, then your agreement can mention that the deposit would be non-refundable. However, you can include a relaxation clause there. You could mention a timeline within which if change of date is communicated, the deposit could be transferred. Your agreement can also deal with the treatment of deposits if you are suddenly unavailable for the said date. However you’d want to treat that, the language should be clear and legally enforceable
  • Copyright Details: The photographer holds the right of the pictures clicked until the full payment is processed. Once the client purchases the pictures by paying the final amount, they will get the copyright of the photographs.
  • Privacy: The maternity and newborn photography contract involve the privacy terms according to which the photographer cannot share the pictures or use them for any purpose unless the client allows them. The photographer is not entitled to use the picture on websites, albums, or their portfolio without the client’s permission.
  • Liability: The liability of each party is disclosed under this section.
  • Violation terms: This section specifies the penalty each party has to pay should they violate any term.

How to Draft the Newborn Photography Agreement?

You can check out the newborn photography contract template to draw a perfect agreement form. Furthermore, the parties can add additional clauses with mutual consent.

  • Identity Information: The contract form must contain basic and personal information about each party, such as their names, addresses, contact information, and more.
  • Digital Prints and Copyrights: The copyright issues clarify the copyright holder of the photographs and the usage of the pictures. Once the client becomes the owner of the pictures, they can decide whether they want the pictures to be used publicly or not.
  •  Delivery Date and Hospital address: The client must specify the expected date of delivery in this agreement form. This section should also involve the location and specific address of the hospital. Once the contract is signed, the photographer will have to arrive at the hospital when called.
  • Penalties: The client and photographer must include a penalty section where the compensation or penalty is specified.
  • Payment: the amount the client has agreed to pay to the photographer for their services should be specified under this section.

The client and photographer must read the newborn photography contract thoroughly before signing it. Once signed, you will have to abide by the mentioned terms. Failure to do so can result in penalties.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Newborn Photography Agreement


  • Easy and Simple Terms: A birth photography contract lays out all the terms and conditions in a clear format. The client and photographer will only need to read the form once to understand each requirement.
  • Avoid Copyright Issues: To avoid your photographs getting publicly revealed, the client must get into a legal deal by signing the birth photography contract. This will give the copyright of the photograph to the clients and avoid future disputes.


  • Expensive: You may need to hire an attorney and draw a legal newborn photography contract. This process may involve a high attorney fee.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

In the case of violation, your contract will be at risk of termination. Make sure that each party abides by the laws and fulfills all the conditions given in the contract. Failure to make a payment, inability to arrive at the hospital or click photographs, and breach of the privacy(1) or copyright terms can lead to contract termination.

The newborn photo session agreement is a crucial part of a healthy and legal photography deal. You must draft this contract and sign the papers before making any payments.