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New York Lease Agreement

New York lease refers to a lease agreement made between the landlord of a property and the tenant in New York, United States. There are certain laws which help protect the rights of the tenant and landlord in New York, besides the usual federal laws prevalent everywhere. For example, the rent control laws help to govern the lease for houses built before 1947 and rent stabilization laws govern houses built between 1947 and1974.

Landlords must ensure that all buildings rented out by them have self-locking doors and those building which have more that eights apartments must be provided with an intercom connected to the main gate. Since temperatures fall immensely during winter, landlords must make sure that the heating in the apartments work well and other safety codes are followed too. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must be provided in the rooms. The security deposit, usually of one month, must be kept in an interest-bearing account and must be returned to the tenant with interest.

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Sample New York Lease Agreement

New York Lease Agreement

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