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New Jersey Lease Agreement

New Jersey lease refers to a lease document created between the landlord and the tenant in order to lay down their rights and responsibilities regarding a rented property in the state of New Jersey in the US. Besides following the federal laws, property owners and their tenants need to follow the rules and regulations specifically present in New Jersey as the residential laws in the US are governed by the state.

In New Jersey, the landlord must ensure that the property is in good condition and in turn the tenant must also maintain the property to keep it clean and not cause any damage. In New Jersey, the landlord can charge one and half times the rent as security deposit which will be kept in a bank account where there will be an interest generated on the amount and the tenant will be provided with the bank account number. This interest will be paid to the tenant at the end of a one-year lease term.

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Sample New Jersey Lease Agreement

New Jersey Lease Agreement

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