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New Hampshire Lease Agreement

New Hampshire lease refers to a lease contract signed between a landlord who has agreed to rent out a property and the tenant who has agreed to pay rent in order to use the leased property for his personal use in the state of New Hampshire, US. Every state has to follow the regular federal laws but also has some state laws which must be complied with. In the US, the residential lease laws are governed by the state so every state its own lease policies.

According to New Hampshire law, a landlord cannot discriminate against the tenant on the basis of gender, age, color, race, religion, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. They also cannot evict a tenant if he has AIDS. All tenants must be provided a notice before they are evicted which must have valid reason like non-payment of rent, not following the lease terms, damage to property, endangering other tenants and so on.

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Sample New Hampshire Lease Agreement

New Hampshire Lease Agreement

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