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Montana Lease Agreement

A Montana lease is a contract signed by the owner of a property and the tenant by which the tenant can reside in the rented property by paying a regular rent for a particular period in the state of Montana, US. Lease agreements in Montana have certain rules and regulations which must be followed by both the tenant and the landlord in order to protect their rights and ensure there are no conflicts regarding the lease.

In Montana, a landlord cannot raise the rent of the property during the lease period. He must ensure that the rented premises are in habitable conditions and there is proper supply and maintenance of utilities, disposal of wastage etc.  Before taking a security deposit from the tenant, the landlord needs to describe in writing the condition of the property, so that they cannot wrongly accuse the tenant of damaging the premises. Tenants must take care of the property and give a notice to the landlord in case something needs to be repaired.

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Sample Montana Lease Agreement

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Montana Lease Agreement

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