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Mobile Home Rental Agreement

A Brief Introduction About the Mobile Home Rental Agreement

Mobile homes are most convenient for tenants. They come with a lot of advantages. But, for both tenants and landlords, they create a lot of legal issues as in each state, there are different laws for mobile homes and their lot or land. It is essential to understand your state’s laws and then think of renting or renting out the mobile home.

A Mobile Home Rental Agreement is a residential agreement that protects both the landlord and the tenant. It contains all the information about the mobile home lease. It is a residential agreement for a mobile home. It is important to note that this agreement can be of two types. One is when the tenant rents both the mobile home and lot (land on which the home sits) from the owner. Second is when the tenant owns a mobile home but wants to rent a lot from the landlord. The latter is also called Mobile Home Lot Rental Agreement.

In most cases, the lots are available in mobile home parks. Like any other residential agreement, this agreement also works as the proof of lease. It spills out all the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. It is a legally binding agreement and must contain governing law details.

Other names for a Mobile Home Rental Agreement are Mobile Home Rental Agreement Form, Mobile Home Rental Application and Mobile Home Space Rental Agreement.

Who Takes the Mobile Home Rental Agreement? – People Involved

The mobile home rental contract is signed between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord can also be called the lessor, and the tenant is called the lessee. Mobile home for rent is a common situation in many countries and states. Any legal agreement can first seem intimidating, but this one should be treated like any other rent or residential agreement.

Purpose of the Mobile Home Rental Agreement – Why Do You Need It?

As mentioned above, a Mobile Home Space Rental Agreement is just like any other home rental agreement. It is required to protect both parties and also to fulfill the state laws. A mobile home is just like any other home that a tenant rents out for his temporary stay. Here are some pointwise reasons to sign this agreement –

  • It spells out all the details of the mobile house and its lot
  • It outlines all the details about the relationship between a tenant and a landlord
  • It protects both parties It outlines the responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations of both parties
  • It makes mobile renting a legally binding process
  • It ensures there are no disputes, misunderstandings, and arguments
  • It outlines all the details related to the rent, security deposit, termination policy, maintenance, etc
  • It ensures trust and a healthy relationship between both parties
  • It is more reliable than a verbal rental agreement

Contents of the Mobile Home Rental Agreement – Inclusions

As mentioned above, this agreement can be of two types. One is where the tenant is renting out only the lot, and the other is where he rents out both the lot and space. In either case, the agreement must contain the basic details of both the tenant and landlord. Basic details include name, permanent address, phone number, etc.

Further, the agreement must include the details of the lot and mobile home. These details are the address, condition, size, boundary, etc. Also, the agreement must include the rent, security deposit details, terms of lease details, payment mode details, payment time details, late payment fee details, etc. Like any other rental agreement, these details are paramount in the Mobile Home Agreement too.

Also, it is important to add termination policy, maintenance policy, pet policy, state laws, governing laws, additional charges, damage policy, etc.

How to Draft the Mobile Home Rental Agreement?

  • Before drafting the agreement, both the tenant and landlord should discuss with each other in person and decide which agreement they want to draft.
  • In the case of both home and lot agreement, the owner might charge you extra for lot related things. As a tenant, you must ensure that you check about all the charges and any other hidden costs as well.
  • When you are renting a mobile home in a mobile house park, there can be additional charges for things such as entrance, parking, utilities, etc. The owner must give you these details before drafting the agreement, and further, these details must be added to the agreement.
  • You must also discuss the rent increment. Many times, owners have the rule of increasing rent in a few months. The owner and tenant should keep all these things transparent.
  • In case the park is closing, the owner is supposed to give notice to the tenant. However, each state has different rules for mobile home rentals, so you must check your state’s laws.

Negotiation Strategy

Before drafting the agreement, both parties should talk to each other and negotiate on different terms and conditions. The tenant should try to negotiate for rent and security. They should also ensure that the owner gives them a fully repaired house. The owner should also negotiate when it comes to late payment fees and rent increments. Both parties must reach on a common ground to successfully prepare an agreement.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Mobile Home Rental Agreement

Here are some advantages of signing this agreement –

  • It puts dispute resolution methods in place
  • It makes the leasing or renting process legally binding
  • It ensures security and protection
  • It can be referred in case of any confusion or doubt
  • It can save the tenant from certain tax issues
  • It can be seen as a document that contains all crucial information related to the house and rent

There are no disadvantages to using such an agreement. A well-drafted agreement is only going to help you in the long run.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

In each state, there are different laws for mobile homes renting. However, in all states, this agreement is legally binding. Both parties are well within their rights to approach the court in case of any breach or violation. It is suggested that both parties should try to mediate and refer to the agreement in case of any misunderstanding or confusion(1). In most cases, that alone should resolve the matter.

It is advisable that you must take the help of an expert before signing the agreement. A well-drafted agreement ensures that both parties are fully protected. Download a sample mobile home lot rental agreement drafted by an expert attorney, and customize it as per your need.