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Minnesota Lease Agreement

A Minnesota lease is a lease agreement signed between the landlord and the tenant in the state of Minnesota, US. Every state has its own laws in the US and since the landlord-tenant rights are governed by state laws, the rules and regulations to be followed in lease agreements differ from state to state. These laws are there to protect the rights of the landlord and the tenant and to ensure that there are no conflicts between them.

Tenants must pay the rent on time and if they break the lease before the term is over, they have to pay for the remaining months too, unless the landlord finds another tenant who is going to pay the same or bigger amount as rent. The old tenant pays the difference if the new tenant is going to pay a smaller rent amount. The premises must be kept in good condition and if the tenant makes any repairs the landlord should ideally deduct that amount from the rent.

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Sample Minnesota Lease Agreement

Minnesota Lease Agreement

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