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Michigan Lease Agreement

A Michigan lease is a document signed between a landlord and a tenant in the state of Michigan in the US. Lease agreements in the US are regulated by state laws and so every state has some rules which must be followed by both the parties in the agreement so that their interests can be taken care of. Besides state laws, there are the general federal laws which must also be followed.

The tenant must pay the rent on time and if he fails to do that even after being given a 7-day notice, the landlord can file a lawsuit against him to evict the premises under the Michigan Revised Judicature Act of 1961. A fixed-term Michigan lease cannot be terminated by either party until its expiry. Tenants can move out if the living conditions are not safe or inhospitable. The Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act in Michigan ensures that a tenant will not be discriminated on the basis of his colour, religion, race, sex, marital status etc.

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Sample Michigan Lease Agreement

Michigan Lease Agreement

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