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Merger Agreement

A merger agreement refers to a contract signed between two or more companies where the companies, roughly of the same size, decide to merge their businesses and become a single business unit than being separately owned and managed. Here the stocks of both the companies are surrendered and a new stock is created as it is a new company new.

Most of the time, the companies are not of equal size so what happens is that one company usually buys the small one and then merge their businesses. Hence mergers are often associated with acquisitions. Here both the parties try to come to a negotiation which is in the best interests of both parties and so that they can both make profits. The smaller company mainly benefits from such a deal maybe because its business was not doing that well or it might have been on the verge of bankruptcy. A management rejig takes place and the name of the company is also changed in a merger agreement.

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Sample Merger Agreement

Merger Agreement

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