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Master Restructuring Agreement

Master restructuring is an ideal process adopted by an organization in order to reorganize the capital structure of the organization. This is usually done whenever the organization is facing problems in making payments in regards to its debt or when the company is about to collapse.

Whenever the organization is making such adjustment a formal document needs to be formatted known as a master restructuring agreement. The document acts as a documentary evidence of the restructuring done by the organization. The terms of the debt are adjusted and consolidated in the master restructuring agreement. The process usually helps the organization to make their payments in debts more manageable and also increases the chances of payment to bondholders.

The details mentioned in the agreement are:

  • Effective date of the agreement
  • Process of cost cutting
  • Reducing the size of organization through sale of assets
  • Process of removing financial harm

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Sample Master Restructuring Agreement

A sample of the agreement can be downloaded from below.

Master Restructuring Agreement

Master Restructuring Agreement

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