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Maid Service Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Maid Service Contract

A maid contract is also known by various other names like:

  • Cleaning service contract
  • Maid service agreement
  • House cleaning contract
  • Commercial cleaning contract

The terms and conditions of the agreement between the client and the service provider of some sort of cleaning services are established as well as outlined in the given agreement.

Who Takes the Maid Service Contract?

The maid contract is specifically used for defining the given terms and conditions between the individual who is availing the services and the one providing the services. This type of contract is usually provided by a company or an individual who is hiring some sort of cleaning service. The person creating the agreement could be:

  • Realtor
  • Homeowner
  • Building management company
  • Office manager

The independent cleaners and janitors are known to make use of such contracts for taking on new clients while ensuring that they have understood the specific range of services that will be expected at the time of each visit.

Purpose of the Maid Service Contract

Cleaning contracts –both house cleaning, as well as commercial cleaning agreements, are regarded as a great way to manage the diverse range of client expectations while curbing delayed payments to the cleaning service providers. Cleaning contracts are regarded as important documents that are essential for keeping the clients happy while retaining their respective businesses. The main purpose of the maid contracts or cleaning agreements can be stated as:

  • Binding professional relationships
  • Defining the obligations as well as the responsibilities of each party
  • Managing individual client expectations
  • Standardizing how you aim at managing clients

Contents of the Maid Service Contract

Some of the vital information that is expected to be included in the cleaning serviced template are:

  • The regularity of the given cleaning service –cleaning service on a schedule in comparison to one-time cleaning service
  • Who is responsible for providing the cleaning equipment including rags, products, and so more?
  • Time as well as the location of the provision of cleaning services
  • Information with respect to individual payments like due dates, hourly rates, monthly payments
  • Contact information of both the Cleaning service provider and the client

How to Draft the Maid Service Contract?

While drafting the cleaning service document, it is important to keep a note of some important information that you must provide for the same. If you wish to draft the cleaning service document as a client, some of the vital information that you must include are:

  • Basic information like names, contact information, and addresses of both the parties
  • Scope of services defining the individual responsibilities as well as obligations of both the parties
  • Information like where work will be carried out, the work schedule, and cleaning duties
  • Supply list for the provision of cleaning services
  • Renewal as well as a termination clause
  • Payment details
  • Dispute resolution

Negotiation Strategy

There are several aspects to consider when you wish to negotiate with respect to the cleaning service contract. Right from considering the prices to the terms & conditions of providing the services, tenure of the service, and so more, you need to take into consideration each & every aspect while ensuring a balanced negotiation. Some pro tips are:

  • Consider the interests of both the parties during negotiation
  • Defend your price with confidence knowing that it is right
  • Ask for tenure extension with a request and not command

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Maid Service Contract

A cleaning service agreement is known to help the cleaning companies as well as individuals to retain their respective clients while ensuring maximum satisfaction. When you make use of the agreement in writing, it comes with its own sets of benefits. Some are:

  • Standardization of effective client management
  • Management of respective expectations for both side of the parties
  • Creation of binding professional relationships on legal grounds
  • Defining the specific responsibilities as well as the obligations of the clients

The agreement can also be used for outlining the cleaning schedule to be carried out in the given premise –residential or commercial. Having the terms of the contract in writing helps in keeping all the parties on the same page while planning their schedules effectively.

There are some of the associated drawbacks to the concept of maid service agreements, as well. Some are:

  • Hidden costs involved with outsourcing cleaning services might turn out too high
  • Organizational knowledge is required
  • Outsourcing cleaning services can lead to poor morale in the remaining organization as it would lead to reducing different levels of staffing

What Happens in Case of a Violation?

Contract breaches –especially the commercial cleaning contracts, can be carried out in a number of ways. The results of the same could include taking no relevant action while forcing adherence and in some cases, taking the entire matter to the court. Some of the common grounds of violation of the cleaning service contract could be:

  • Not fulfillment of payments to the cleaning company or service provider
  • Not fulfillment of the respective cleaning services as expected by the clients
  • Leaving the contract before the tenure

Whether you are planning to hire a housekeeper to carry out the residential cleaning services or a cleaning service company for carrying out commercial cleaning activities, you would require a properly detailed cleaning service agreement to be signed by both the parties. In case you are struggling with creating the contract or finding answers to how to get commercial cleaning contracts, a reliable attorney could help you out.

If you are facing difficulties with creating the contract’s terms & conditions on your own, you can prepare the contract in coordination with a reliable, professional attorney of your choice. Make sure that the other party is comfortable and abides by the given set of terms and conditions. At the same time, if you are the other party, it is recommended for you to go through the specific terms & conditions carefully before signing the contract.