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Joinder Agreement

A joinder agreement is a legal document which is used by two parties when they create a trust fund. It is used by big companies as well as individual donors as part of other trust agreements to make sure that the funds present in the trust are utilized, invested and distributed properly. The joinder agreement also includes the donor’s permission or consent to use the funds of the trust for investment purposes made on behalf of the trust.

The joinder contract must be signed by both the donor of the trust and the manager so that it may be held valid. There are some other aspects which are also mentioned in the agreement – a trust manager is selected and a list of duties are designated to him and conditions are also mentioned regarding who is allowed to disperse the funds to the beneficiary. It must be noted that the legal definition of a joinder agreement may change according to the state in which it is created.

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Sample Joinder Agreement

Joinder Agreement

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