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Investors Rights Agreement

An investors’ rights agreement is a contract which lays down the various rights an investor is entitled to in a company or business. It is usually made by a company which wants to go public or get more investors for their project and by creating this contract the rights of the investors can be protected. There are many aspects in an investors’ rights agreement which must be included in the contract.

The most common subjects refer to investor information rights, about registration, pre-emptive rights or rights of first offer and so on. The agreement may also outline the procedure of electing the board of directors of the company, which is usually a venture capitalist firm. Other issues discussed in the investors’ rights agreement include the right to receive different reports like financial reports  and statements, right to participate in the sale of shares made by the creators of the company, also known as co-sale and so on.

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Sample Investors Rights Agreement

Investors Rights Agreement

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