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Integrator Agreement

An integrator agreement is usually made by information technology (IT) companies where the system integrators integrate different systems for data input and processing, storing and categorizing data and enter a contract with another party who can resell and remarket those products. The other party adds product content value to the original products or integrates them with other products or services and then markets these value -added products and services.

These agreements are usually not exclusive and the original products can be directly marketed to anyone. The original company also provides certain services like technical support for servicing the products. The agreement should mention other points and clauses like indemnification, limitation of liability, warranty clauses, terms related to order and delivery, prices of the products and discounts, payment procedures and details, any confidential information related to the product and the deal, decisions on trademark, intellectual property rights, publicity and advertising, term of the contract and conditions under which the agreement will be terminated.

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Integrator Agreement

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