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Indenture Agreement

Indenture can be loosely defined as a contract whereby one party is bound to another to provide his services for a specific period of time. Indenture has been historically used as a legal contract where indentured laborers were hired to work in distant colonies for a particular term. It was not a very humane form of contract as these laborers were treated no better than slaves at the time, working in far-off lands for a measly amount and living in dismal conditions for a very long period. In modern usage it has a different meaning.

It is an agreement between the bondholder and the issuer describing the various aspects of a bond contract. It is also called the deed of trust. Indenture usually refers to a bond indenture which is issued to lenders and explains important terms in the agreement like the rate of interest, the maturity date of the bond and other aspects of a bond offering like convertibility and representations.

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Indenture Agreement

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