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Hotel Guest Agreement

What Is a Hotel Guest Agreement?

The hotel guest agreement contains the terms and conditions of the accommodation that is signed among the hotel and the guest. The hotel guest agreement form is filled by the guest before the guest uses the room. The hotel room guest agreement has to be signed by the guest for it to be. The hotel guest room agreements are formed as per the laws of the country. The guest needs to follow the rules mentioned in the terms and conditions made by the hotel.

When Do You Need a Hotel Guest Agreement?

The accommodation agreement is important because it can assist the hotel and the guest to come. The details mentioned in the contract form filled in by the guest will allow the hotel and the guest to perform properly. Important information like the payment details the time of arrival and the date of checkout are all recorded in the hotel guest room agreement for reference.

How to Draft Hotel Guest Agreement?

  • The hotel guest agreement forms are drafted according to the law of the country.
  • This agreement requires personal information like the name, address and so on of the guest.
  • The Hotel shall refuse Accommodation Contract if the Guest seeking accommodation is a member of an organized crime group or is involved with any crime-related groups or if the Hotel is booked and no room is available.
  • The Guest shall occupy the guest room of the Hotel on the day of registration at the stated time as per the agreement. In the case of special accommodation plans, the further limitations may be placed on the check-in and check-out times.
  • The guest can cancel the accommodation contract by notifying the hotel and is liable for the cancellation charges.
  • The hotel can cancel the accommodation contract if the guest is likely to have committed an act of crime, or has committed a significant inconvenience to other guests.
  • The Hotel shall permit the Guest to occupy the room beyond the designated time, provided that the Guest shall pay any additional Accommodation Charges.
  • The operating hours can be referred to by the guest through brochures and notices, displayed in the hotel.
  • The hotel shall compensate the Guest for damages if it has caused such damages to the Guest in the fulfillment or the nonfulfillment of the Accommodation Contract.
  • Signature of both the parties must be included
  • The permitted aim of the guest usage should be included
  • Any revision of rates and so on.

The inclusions in the agreement are

  • Name of the guest
  • Dates of stay and the time of arrival
  • Accommodation fee(usually the basic accommodation fee)

Pros and Cons of Hotel Guest Agreements

Hotel guest agreements are an important part of the hotel operations. Although the hotel agreement form is important for maintaining the professionalism between the hotel and the guest, it also has some drawbacks.


  • The set regulations in the hotel guest agreements is secured as it is made between hotels and guests.
  • The guests will be able to know what to follow beforehand


The expected date and time of departure need to be exactly given to be recorded in the agreement. Sometimes the guest will decide to extend the stay due to emergencies. However, the set date mentioned in the agreement is only feasible. So the inflexibility of the agreement in this case is a disadvantage.

Key Terms in Hotel Guest Agreement

Personal information of the guest when requesting the agreement

  • The effective date of accommodation agreement
  • Special agreements where the payment of the request fee is not needed
  • The rights of guest for cancellation
  • The rights of hotel for cancellation
  • The registration of the stay
  • Time of the usage of guest suite
  • Payment
  • The hotel responsibilities
  • Cancellation fees

Thus, Hotel Guest Agreement differs from accord and satisfaction, which might take place without any alteration having existed between the parties. Any Accommodation Contract and related agreement to be concluded between this Hotel and its Guest shall be in accordance with the provisions of the provisions mentioned above.

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Sample for Accommodation agreement

A sample of the agreement can be downloaded from below.

Hotel Guest Agreement - Download PDF

Hotel Guest Agreement

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