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Granite Installation Agreement

What Is a Granite Installation Agreement?

When you wish to use granite either in your kitchen or your office, you need to hire professionals who have expertise in the installation of the granite. When you hire professionals, you need to enter into a granite construction incorporated agreement with them.

The agreement will include the granite installation cost to be paid to the service provider.

As dust is released at the time of the granite installation process, and any specific concerns with regard to dust must be communicated to the service provider in advance.

Granite step installation is also handled by the service provider, and charges vary according to the size of slabs and the nature of the installation.

When Do You Need Granite Installation Agreement?

When you want to install granite, either at work or at home, you need to understand that there are professionals who are qualified to do this job, and they will charge you for their services. Once you decide which service provider you would like to engage with, you need to get a quotation for their services. You will have to provide a detailed scope of the services required.

Inclusions in the Granite Installation Agreement

To make sure that both you and the service provider benefit from the contract, here are the standard inclusions:

  • Names of the parties to the contract and their complete details – The client and the service provider
  • The effective date of the agreement
  • Bid details including the price and what it covers
  • The detailed installation process
  • Disclaimers regarding the material supplied
  • Maintenance details for the installation
  • Disposal of remnants
  • Payment terms

How to Draft the Granite Installation Agreement?

While drafting the agreement, the following points need to be considered:

  • Governing law: The agreement should be prepared in accordance with the laws of the state
  • Eligibility to contract: Both parties must be of legal age, sound mind and not under coercion
  • Terms of the contract: The contract should be fair to both parties and equally beneficial 
  • Consideration for the contract: The installation fee payable to the contractor as well as the payment procedure
  • Dispute resolution clause: The process of handling a dispute, responsibility for payment of attorney fees, whether arbitration or litigation will be used, the legal jurisdiction
  • Termination of contract: For premature termination, the parties will need to provide sufficient notice
  • Signature: The last page should be set aside for signatures, and the contract should be signed by both parties 

Benefits of Granite Installation Agreement

The benefits of the granite construction agreement include compliance by both the client and the service provider. Both need to fulfill their contractual obligations. The contractor needs to complete the installation of granite on time and according to the requirements of the client.

If the work quality is satisfactory, and the deadline has been met, the client is under obligation to make full payment to the contractor.

Key Terms/Clauses in Granite Installation Agreement

The key terms and clauses in a granite installation agreement are:

  • Job site address: the address of the client
  • Bid details to include the total bid price and the inclusions in the total bid price
  • Tentative schedule: The template date and the installation date
  • Template procedure: All details including issues which could arise at the time of installation
  • Material Disclaimer: Difference in characteristics of granite slabs and that the contractor will not be held responsible for the quality of the material
  • Installation procedure: Client responsibilities as well as contractor responsibilities
  • Sealer and maintenance details: How the installation needs to be maintained
  • Payment terms: Whether payment will be made in installments and legal consequences for delayed payment.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

When the granite construction agreement is violated, then the affected party can take legal action. Monetary damages can be claimed in case of losses. If fraud is involved, either the contract is canceled under rescission or a new contract drawn under reformation. If the contract is at an advanced stage, then the contractual obligations have to be fulfilled under specific performance.

To ensure that the work is done to your satisfaction and that the service provider is paid on time, you need a granite construction agreement.

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Sample for Granite Construction Agreement

A sample of the agreement can be downloaded from below.

Download Granite Installation Agreement - PDF

Granite Installation Agreement

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