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Gas Supply Agreement

A gas supply agreement is formal deal struck between two parties, either countries or companies, whereby one party supplies oil and gas to the other in return for an amount of money or for any other services. Gas is a very important resource used as fuel for using many machines, equipment, vehicles and appliances but this high-in-demand resource is not naturally available everywhere.

So the regions or countries which do not have access to natural gas, or where the demand exceeds the local output, have to strike a deal with other states, countries or gas companies to supply gas to them through pipes. A gas supply agreement lays down the terms and conditions of supply of gas, the duration of the agreement, the amount of money to be paid to the supplier, the quantity of gas to be supplied in a particular period of time and, of course, the names of the two parties are also clearly mentioned.

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Sample for Sample Gas Supply Agreement

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Gas Supply Agreement

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