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Fixture Filing Agreement

Fixture filing is a term which relates to the realty sector. A fixture is an item which is connected to the respective property/ piece of land permanently and cannot be separated from the property without causing some sort of damage to the property. Hence whenever a property is leased, or rented or sold or even transferred to some other party it is essential to discuss the commodities or item which are recognized as fixtures and the mode of handling them in course of time.

The fixture filing agreement is the document which is created to meet this exact purpose. The agreement lists all the fixtures of the property in questions and mentions how each of the fixture will be dealt with (i.e. which party gets which fixture) as and when the property is rented or sold. The agreement mentions the name of both the parties i.e. the owner/ seller/ landlord and the buyer/ tenant.

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Sample Fixture Filing Agreement

A sample of the agreement can be downloaded from below.

Fixture Filing Agreement Template - Download PDF

Fixture Filing Agreement

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