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Film Crew Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Film Crew Contract

First of all, you need to know that the film crew contract is a special type of agreement that gives protection between the production companies, also known as a financer and the crew. With the help of this agreement, both the production company and the crew contractor agree to work together and finish the project of a film. You can go through the following paragraphs to collect more precious details about this contract right now, without any doubt.

Who Takes the Film Crew Contract?

On the other hand, if you want to determine who signs the film crew agreement, then you can take the name of the production company and the crew contractor. These are the two individuals or companies that usually sign the film crew agreement. The contractor and production company will agree on some terms through this agreement, and they have to provide the name of the film on which they will work together.

Before you shoot, you have to sign the film crew contracts or documents. The production company will usually make better use of the contract to agree with you and those hiring you. In other words, this is a true contract is an agreement of the terms between you and the producers who hold the money on the shoot.

Purpose of the Film Crew Contract

The basic purpose of this agreement is to help the producers and UPMs (Unit Production Managers) to protect their production company from liabilities. Usually, this particular agreement includes travel expenses, rental fees, payment methods, employment terms, meals, and other similar important aspects. This is something basic you need to know about a film crew agreement.

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Contents of the Film Crew Contract – Inclusions

Now, you have successfully collected some basic details about the film crew agreement or contract. For that reason, you would love to determine the contents of this particular agreement. Without knowing the contents, it can be risky to sign a film crew contract. To keep everything simple in terms of the content of the agreement, you should know the following contents of this agreement:

  • Production company name– in the first section of the agreement, you will find the production company. Some basic details about the production company will be available here.
  • Film title
  • Start and the end date – this particular section includes the film’s start and the end date in terms of the shooting.
  • Position
  • Contractor name– this particular section includes the name of the contractor who will bring the crew on the set.
  • Address, phone, and email – the contractor needs to provide their address, email, phone number, and other similar options.
  • Federal I.D. Number/ Social security – it is essential to provide the federal ID number for social security by a contractor before signing the contract.

These are some of the basic elements or contents of this contract that you should know right now. For more details about the same document, you can check a film crew contract template right now without asking anyone else.

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Points to Consider While Drafting the Film Crew Contract

Now, you have become familiar with the most important things about the film crew contract. Consequently, you need to know the points that are essential to consider while preparing the document. Here are the things you should consider while preparing the agreement:

  • Overtime pay and the methods to calculate overtime pay – if the shoot goes on beyond the shooting time, you need to determine what will be the overtime pay along with the methods to calculate the overtime pay.
  • Date to receive payment- similarly, you need to determine the dates that the production company has selected for delivering you the payment.
  • Time of serving meals– you should ask the production company about the time of serving meals.
  • If the shoot goes past its schedule, what company would do? – Of course, you need to determine if the shoots go past its fixed schedule what kind of payment or compensation the production company will provide.
  • A scrapped project –  before you sign this contract, make sure that you know everything that can take place when the project is scrapped.

Negotiation Strategy

There is not any particular negotiation strategy about the film crew agreement. According to your desire, you can make any negotiation strategy.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Film Crew Contract


  • Easy to print- the first benefit is, of course, that it is easy to print the agreement.
  • Industry-standard film crew contract– if you prefer this contract, then you will be prepping the industry-standard film crew contract.
  • Employment terms, travel expenses, and payment methods are some of the things that this particular agreement will include.
  • Meals and rental fees– the agreement moreover contains details about the rental fees and meals.


In terms of the drawbacks, there are not so many drawbacks to the film crew contract. However, you need to sign the contract carefully by reading the terms.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

You cannot say anything confidently about the case of violation if it takes place. You have to make a better understanding and communication with the production company to deal with the case of violation(1).

In the conclusion part, you might have a better point of view about the film crew contract. In other words, you have become familiar with the different aspects of the film crew contract. You know how to use this agreement and what important you have to remember while signing the contract. Now, you can have the rest of the benefits with the film crew contract without any doubt.