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Event Venue Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Event Venue Contract

Whether you want to rent a vineyard or a conference center, an Event Venue Contract is essential when you rent out locations for weddings, lectures, retreats, concerts, or any group events. A Venue Contract Explains the arrangement through locking down significant details like the timeframe, fees, and any distinctive requirements.

Who Takes the Event Venue Contract?

The Contract is taken by an Event Planner and a Client. It is important for an event planner and a client to clearly understand each other when planning an event in order to make this contract.

If you are a wedding planner, or a caterer, or any party planner, having a written contract formalizes an agreement between both parties as well as specifies the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Purpose of the Event Venue Contract

Event contracts protect both parties who are involved in a number of ways. Having a lawful contract in place forces those involved in the contract to agree in writing a set of terms and conditions. Many event planning professionals, which include party planners, wedding planners, and corporate event specialists, recognize the significance of venue contracts.

Contents of the Event Venue Contract

The key points that every venue contract must have:

  • Name and contact information of both the parties, that is you and the venue.
  • Date and time frame of your event.
  • Exact names of specific rooms that shall be used.
  • A thorough description of your event space, which may include the decor (walls color, type of flooring, chandeliers), as well as any facilities, like a stage or bridal suite in case of a banquet hall contract.
  • What time the professionals (like the florist and DJ) shall be required to be able to set up.
  • The approximate number of guests, as well as the number of tables that will be set up (also a floor plan if possible).
  • An itemized list of what the site would provide (if it includes any special services like a coat check and valet parking).
  • The name of the manager assigned on your event day and the name of an acceptable substitute.
  • Proof of insurance, as well as the liquor license.
  • Setup, cleanup, overtime, and any additional fees.
  • Total cost (itemized).
  • Deposit sum due.
  • Balance and date due.
  • Cancellation as well as refund policy.

How to Draft the Event Venue Contract?

When you are drafting an event venue contract, you must include:

  • Client Details: Mention the names of signers, including their address and contact information.
  • Services and Materials Offered: Describe the scope of the services/materials that the event planner will be offering like hours allotted, menus, rental items, etc., and limitations- services you will not be providing.
  • Indemnification Clause: This clause protects the event planner, event management company against any damages, injuries, losses, and settlements that are due to negligence of the client, the client’s guests and/or the client’s vendors/suppliers. For example, in any unforeseen situations, the indemnification clause shifts the responsibility to the client instead of the event planner.
  • Refund Policies: Include refund policies to the cancellation and termination terms, mentioning how much will be refunded.
  • Event Space Rental Time: This should include actual event dates and times, and venue rental dates. Also, include setup and cleanup time.
  • Rental Rate and Fees:  You would need to create a rental schedule. For instance, you might charge in four, eight, or 24-hour blocks. You might also charge high rates for “seasonal” rentals. You would require to decide what you might charge if they go beyond their settled upon a time. Late fees, as well as interest rates, must be included in the contract also.
  • Insurance Requirements: You must require that your customers give their own event insurance or your business must be named as “additionally insured.” Many policies start at one million each incident. You could ask for more, if necessary. In case alcohol is served, you are required to have alcohol indemnification insurance.
  • Cancellation Policy: Your cancellation policies, like how much notice they need to give you for canceling an event and how much you would charge them, must be considered. You could also have diverse policies for different times of the year. For instance, you could select to charge higher cancellation charges during high demand times of the year.

The event venue contract states all the important details, for example, dates and fees along with legal protections. It is important to create this form of the contract if you are hiring a space for an event. You can also refer to sample venue contract that has similar inclusions.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Event Venue Contract


A venue contract specifies the rules, regulations, protocols, as well as agreements between a client and venue when renting out the event space. The venue contract ensures the payment services essential to hold the venue for the stated date of the event like, for instance, a wedding and is required to be paid at the time of signing the contract.

While the agreement typically furnishes protection for the venue owner, it also gives a few advantages to the event planner.

Advantages For The Venue Owner:

  • Safeguard from libel
  • Acceptance of “as-is” conditions
  • Options for Termination
  • Recovery of damage charges
  • Cancellation protection with conditions

Advantages For The Event Planner:

  • Settled date
  • Rate protection


Having an event contract makes certain that you and your client have a good understanding of the work that you are required to complete or the business transaction that you have settled for.

As such. It’s vital for an event planner and a client to understand each other when preparing for an event. A small miscommunication could break an event that has long been planned for.

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What Happens in Case of Violation?

An event venue contract might be terminated by either party by giving 30 days prior written notice towards the other party in case there was a breach of contract carried out by any party(1).

An event venue contract is deemed essential prior to renting space for any kind of event (indoor or outdoor) which includes weddings, fundraisers, family reunions, concerts as well as corporate events. It ensures smooth delivery of services to clients and payments to the event organizers.