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Equity Participation Plan Agreement

An equity participation plan is a document prepared and maintained in the corporate sector to keep a clear and complete record of the numerous schemes for the maintenance of various stock options and investment plans for the employees of the company. The structure of the plan is such that the supervising authority or the board of directors allows them to have special incentives that are related to stock options and/ or involve restricted awards from stock operations, thereby serving a number of purposes, such as:

  • The equity participation plan is an effective business finance strategy that helps in the growth and development of the respective firm.
  • The plan involves provision of increased incentives for all – be it the employees, managers, director(s), consultants, executives, and other staff members, and hence provides scope for the financial success of the company.
  • The plan extends the opportunity of ownership of the company or firm’s stock capital to professionals as well as personnel.

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Sample Equity Participation Plan Agreement

Equity Participation Plan Agreement

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