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Dog Breeding Contract

A Brief Introduction About the Dog Breeding Contract

When the dog breeder decides to put up a dog for sale, he prepares this contract form. The contract is an imperative part of the selling process. The form contains all the necessary information about the rights of the breeder and purchaser. It might appear as a simple agreement form, but this contract is a must for breeders who want to ensure that the purchaser takes care of the puppy and keeps it in good condition. Even if the breeder and purchaser know each other, they must sign this contract before making a deal.

Who Takes the Dog Breeding Contract?

The puppy or the stud contract dog breeding is signed by the seller (who is selling the dog to a new owner) and the buyer (who will be responsible for taking care of the dog). The contract must be drafted before the seller sells the puppy to the new buyer. Instead of making a verbal deal, you must sign a contract to avoid any future complications.

This contract is not compulsory. However, it is better not to sell your dog based on verbal promises. You don’t want the buyer to accuse you of selling a dog that is suffering from a particular ailment or a medical condition. To stay safe from any confusion, you must get the dog’s health, shelter, registration, and other promises in writing.

Purpose of the Dog Breeding Contract

The main purpose of dog breeding contract is to ensure the safety and protection of your pet. The contract specifies the responsibilities of the buyer, who is supposed to look after the dog. To ensure that your dog gets proper affection, shelter, food, water, medical treatment (if it falls sick), the breeder should create a detailed contact form. Furthermore, the buyer has to get the medical checkup done once a year by a veterinarian. The owner should install fencing and other protective equipment to ensure the dog’s protection.

The contract contains everything, from the cost of the dog to the guarantee of food and vaccination. Once the buyer and seller sign the puppy contract, they will have to abide by the terms clearly laid out. Overall, this contract is proof of a respectful business deal.

Contents of the Dog Breeding Contract

The dog sale contract contains different clauses. Some of the main clauses that every contract must involve are:

  • Both parties’ details: The first part of the contract contains the details of the buyer and seller. The document must specify their names, contact information, and address.
  • Puppy’s details: Next, the details of the dog that’s traded must be specified. The name of the dog, its color, breed, age, sex, etc. must be mentioned. 
  • Pedigree and registration: If the puppy is a rare breed dog, the necessary references, along with the pedigree certificate, should be attached to the contract form.
  • Parents: If any information about the parents of the dog is available, it should be specified in the breeding contract. If the parents are tested and cleared of any genetic diseases or medical issues, then the proof of the same is to be mentioned in the contract.
  • Health and vaccination: This section has the medical screenings, test reports, diagnosis, treatments, vaccination, and the overall health status of the dog.
  • Pertinent remarks: The contract has a section where the seller mentions any specific mark, color, or rare patch on the dog’s body.

How to Draft the Dog Breeding Contract?

There is no specific puppy contract. The buyer and seller must draft it according to their requirements. You can check the contract sample templates to draft the perfect contract form. Here’s how to create the breeding contract:

  • Transaction Details: The transaction section describes the payment, cost, right to return, shipping details, and future breeding conditions. You must specify the price and transaction details to avoid confusion and unwanted accusations in the future.
  • Dog’s Health: As a responsible pet breeder, you provided the dog with the necessary care, attention, and amenities it needs while you care for it. Once it’s sold, the buyer is expected to offer the same level of affection and care to the pet. This section should cover such details.

Negotiation Strategy

As per this contract law, both parties must read and accept all the conditions before signing the deal. This contract will be used as evidence in the future if any conflicts arise.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Dog Breeding Contract

Pros of the Contract

  • It avoids conflicts: As everything is mentioned in writing, it is much more convenient for the breeder and purchaser to adhere to their respective obligations. This avoids future chaos and conflicts.
  • Dog’s Protection: The contract acts as evidence that your dog will stay in a good home. In addition, the pet will be provided with all the amenities, including healthy food, a good environment, and a shelter.

Cons of the contract:

  • There are mixed opinions about the puppy contract. People believe that the contract is a waste of time.

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What Happens in Case of Violation?

The violation(1) of the puppy contract can result in the termination of your deal. The contract is violated when the new breeder fails to fulfill the promises he had mentioned in the contract form. Failure of payment or withholding certain information about the dog can lead to the termination(2) of the contract.

Dog Breeding Contract is a guarantee that specifies the duties of each party. For buyers, the contract is proof that the dog is cleared of any critical health-related concerns. For sellers, it is proof that the new breeder will take care of the dog the way it was until the sale.