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Deed of trust Agreement

A deed of trust is a written or verbal agreement which is made by and between three parties; trustor, beneficiary and a trustee to acknowledge or establish a contract of trust. Deed of trust basically involves the borrower (or trustor) to convey or transfer the right of ownership of an asset owner by him to a trustee as a security for the amount of capital which is lended to him by the beneficiary. These agreements are commonly formed all across the globe and are of huge important in many cases and situations.

A deed of trust is a legal document which consists of various clauses of duties and responsibilities of the three parties. These agreements also have the details of the involved parties along with important dates specified so as to avoid any confusion during the term of deed of trust.  In case that any of the parties fails to abide by the mentioned terms of the agreement, they may be forced to face legal implications.

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Sample Deed of trust Agreement

Deed of trust Agreement

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