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Copyright License Agreement

A Copyright License Agreement is a legal contract which is created when an organization or company wants to be given the copyrights to a product, asset or creation by the organization or company who has the power to handover the copyrights. This legal contract is a form of formal request wherein the first party requests the second party to grant them a copyright license either for a product that they have developed or created. This contract is a legal proof of a transaction taking place between both the organizations and it clearly outlines all the terms and conditions which have been pre-discussed and mutually agreed upon, meaning which either of the parties cannot dis-rule the contract without facing legal implications.

When Do You Need A Copyright License Agreement?

The most common use of such a contract can be found in a situation where a company or organization has developed a product or made a discovery upon which they can request a copyright to be issued exclusively for them. To put in a formal request to the governing authority who has the legal rights to issue a copyright, this legal agreement is of utmost importance.

One of the most important things to note about this contract is the fact that both parties are equally obliged to abide by the terms and conditions which are mentioned and thus disobeying or violating them will lead to serious legal implications.

Inclusions In Copyright License Agreement

  1. Parties Involved: In this legal contract two parties are involved, the first being the organization who is requesting for the copyright claim and the second is the organization who has the right to grant the copyrights to the requesting organization.
  2.  Effective Dates: The contract mentions the significant dates in context of this agreement, for example the date on which the copyright will be issued, the date until which it will be valid, and also dates of payments along with some other important details.
  3. Where does it Apply: The contract is legally binding with the boundaries of the state, county or city it was originally drawn at.

How To Draft A Copyright License Agreement

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to draw a Copyright License Agreement:

  1. Arrange a meeting between both the organizations and discuss the terms and conditions under which the copyrights will be assigned, the date from which the copyright will come into effect as well the payment that has to be made in order to gather the copyright.
  2. Once the terms and conditions and all other finer details have been discussed, reach out to a legal team and ask them to draft a Factory Building Agreement for your organization.
  3. Cross verify and check all the details with both organizations, after which collect the required signatures from both the stakeholders.

Benefits Of Copyright License Agreement

The benefits of having a Copyright License Agreement are many. Mentioned below are the most significant ones.

Pros of having a Copyright License Agreement

  1. This contract once created and signed by both the organizations acts as a legal proof of a transaction taking place between both the organizations and thus can be produced in court if there is a need.
  2. The contract makes it easier for the transfer of rights to happen between both the organizations and at the same ensures that both the stakeholders abide to the terms and conditions which have mutually decided and agreed upon.

Cons of not having a Copyright License Agreement

  1. In the absence of this legal agreement, both parties stand to lose if the matter is ever taken in court due to lapse in terms or in the specifications mentioned.

Key Terms & Clauses In A Copyright License Agreement

  1. Disclaimers: Both the organizations who are taking part in this transaction need to be issued certain disclaimers and the details of the same are mentioned here.
  2. Notices: Before the actual copyrights are issued, certain notices will be issued both to the requesting organization and to the authority who has the right to issue the copyrights. This section contains the details of the same.
  3. Remedies: In case of a lapse in terms and conditions or a default in payment, certain remedies will be issued and this section of the contract contains the details of the same.
  4. Obligations: Both the stakeholders taking part in this transaction have certain obligations to each other, the details of which are enclosed in this section.

Sample Of Copyright License Agreement

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Copyright License Agreement

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