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Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Agreement

A continuing disclosure undertaking, which is also known as continuing disclosure agreement is a type of an undertaking which states all the important information and details about a municipal bond which can be referred to after the issuing of that particular bond. These agreements are framed between the issuer of the bond and the party which issues the bond to the issuer.

Any continuing disclosure undertaking consists of the details of the involved parties along with the various clauses about the issuer and his financial and operating conditions which can change over a period of time. These undertakings also consist of the cases or special events that can have an impact upon the paying capabilities of the issuer during the length of the undertaking

A continuing disclosure undertaking is specific to each different kind of a bond which means that not all continuing disclosures can apply to all types of bonds.

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Sample Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Agreement

Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Agreement

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