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When do You Need a Commercial Contract? 

Every time you develop a commercial relationship, you need a commercial contract. A written agreement is evidence of the terms that have been agreed upon between two parties. If the question of when to draw a commercial contract comes, the thumb rule is the moment any discussions have been finalized. A business relationship can be a purchase and sale agreement, an agency relationship, a consultancy service, a data processing agreement, or a distribution service.

With just an oral agreement, for dispute resolution, you’d have to depend on communications. In the end, it’s just your word against theirs. A contract helps define the terms of the relationship so that in a dispute, you always have recourse to the contract.

Disagreements without a contract poses difficulties in the arbitration process which consumes time and financial resources.

Even when you have a contract, getting the T&Cs checked is essential so that you don’t compromise on your interests. Our agreement templates are drafted by experts who have an in-depth knowledge of the sector and practical experience in developing contracts. We do more than a traffic-light review. When you buy our templates, you have all the clauses in your hand that you need to fill in.

Why Commercial Contracts Are Important?

A contract makes your intentions in the relationship clear and helps understand what the other party expects from the commercial association. While it might seem like a tedious task, in the interests of long-term security, you should have a business contract.

Our templates help in easing the stress of navigating the complexities of creating legal relationships. When you purchase them, you get access to a comprehensive list of agreements at affordable prices.  

When you have tight deadlines and high exigencies, you don’t have the time to sit and draft. You don’t have the time to go around advocates. Purchase our templates, and sit back because you have drafted an airtight contract

Our team of experts has created templates anticipating your every need. These contract templates combine a wealth of legal knowledge and on-ground experience. Some of the agreement templates that are included in this package are:

  • Software and technology licensing, reselling and cooperation
  • Commercial lease for construction, mining, drilling, and distribution
  • Equipment lease including payload processing
  • Manufacturing contracts including procurement and purchase of power 
  • Administrative services for credit services, application provider services, digital television agreement, and distribution service agreements
  • Commercial contracts including internet advertising, the global scope of work, fleet services, pre-construction, and professional services, and web construction services
  • Supply agreements for exclusive rights, inventory management, and other supply arrangements
  • Purchase agreements including accounts receivable purchase, refinery, note purchase, repurchase, installment and loan purchase, and purchase and assumption agreements among others
  • Stock-related purchase contracts including stock purchase, equity purchase, and master purchase and sale agreements
  • Reseller and sales agreement including international and software reseller agreements, authorized sales representative, buy & sell agreements, receivables sales, and advertising sales
  • Retail contracts that include a host of services such as exclusive distribution agreements along with customer acquisition and advertising agreements. 

When you buy our templates, we give you a guarantee of quality. We give you templates that will stand the test of law. You will find that everything you need is right here. Our template models help restructure your relations to help you navigate the complexities to provide the required framework for success. 

When you have deadlines looming over your head and you need new business partners or when you don’t want to spend valuable man-hours in drafting agreements that you’re unsure of, buy our templates. They can reduce the hassle and uncertainty in contracts.

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  1. Software License Agreement
  2. Technology License and Services Agreement
  3. SoftwareLicense and Maintenance Agreement
  4. Technology Cooperation Agreement
  1. Contract for Construction and Lease of Plant
  2. Federal Coal Lease Agreement
  3. Gas Lease and Oil Lease Agreement
  4. HCRI Construction Disbursing Agreement
  5. Channel Lease Agreement
  1. Equipment Lease Agreement
  2. Payload Processing Facilities and Support Agreement
  3. Master Equipment Lease
  1. Manufacturing Contract Agreement
  2. Procurement Contract Agreement
  3. Power Purchase Contract Agreement
  1. Administrative Credit Services Agreement
  2. Administrative Services Agreement
  3. Administrative Services Contract
  4. Application Service Provider Partner Agreement
  5. Digital Television Services Agreement
  6. Distribution Service Agreement
  7. Fleet Services Agreement
  8. Global Scope of Work Agreement for IT Support Services
  9. Intercompany Services AgreementMaster Consulting Service Agreement
  10. Operating Services Agreement
  11. Operational Services Agreement
  12. Pre Construction Management Services Agreement
  13. Professional Services Agreement
  14. Services Agreement
  15. Shared Services Agreement
  16. Transition Services Agreement
  17. Website Construction Service Agreement
  1. Supply Agreement
  2. Gas Supply Agreement
  3. Exclusive Manufacturing and Supply Agreement
  4. Inventory Supply Agreement
  1. Employee Stock Purchase Program Agreement
  2. Equity Purchase Agreement
  3. Employee Stock Purchase Plan Agreement
  4. Accounts Receivables Purchase Agreements
  5. Bond Purchase Agreement
  6. Equity Interest Purchase Agreement
  7. Vicis Securities Purchase And Loan Conversion Agreement
  8. Asset Purchase Agreement
  9. Note and Warrant Purchase Agreement
  10. Note Purchase Agreement
  11. Repurchase Agreement
  12. Installment Purchase Agreement
  13. Loan Purchase Agreement
  14. Note Purchase Agreement
  15. Purchase Agreement
  16. Purchase and Assumption Agreement
  17. Formation and Purchase Agreement
  1. Master Purchase and Sale Agreement
  2. Purchase And Sale Agreement
  3. Sale and Purchase Agreement
  4. Refinery Purchase and Sale Agreement
  1. Reseller Agreement
  2. International Reseller Agreement
  3. Software Reseller Agreement
  4. Software Reseller and Services Agreement
  1. Sales Contract
  2. Authorized Sales Representative Agreement
  3. Sales Representative Agreement
  4. Buy Sell Agreement
  5. Electronotes Selling Agent Agreement
  6. Receivables Sale Agreement
  7. Aircraft sales agreement
  8. Sale and Servicing Agreement
  1. Purchase of NBC TV Advertising Agreement
  2. Media Advertising Contract
  3. Retail Store License Agreement
  4. Advertising Marketing Agreement
  5. Advertising Sales Agreement
  6. Advertising Contract
  7. Advertising Representative Agreement
  8. Exclusive Distribution Agreement
  9. Interactive Advertising Agreement
  10. Infoseek Corporation Advertising Agreement
  11. Exclusive Internet Advertising Services Agreement
  12. Customer Acquisition and Advertising Agreement
  13. Availability of Advertising Space Agreement
  14. Authorized Agency Agreement
  1. Copyright License Agreement
  2. Copyright Assignment Agreement
  1. Technology Transfer Agreement

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