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Child Travel Consent Form

A Brief Introduction About the Child Travel Consent Form

A Child Travel Consent Form allows minor kids to travel without their parents. In another way, the form can be seen as an authorization letter for the kid to either travel solo or to travel with anyone else but his parents. It should be noted that when a kid’s parents are separated and share legal custody of the kid, Travel Consent Forms become very useful.

The form can be used for both domestic and international travel. It also needs a sign of at least one parent. However, it is suggested that both parents should sign the form if they can.

In the absence of this form or written permission, a child will be stopped by the authorities and, if he or she is accompanied by his or her temporary caretaker, then they will be questioned too. Thus, this form is a very crucial document that should be well documented and should have all the important details of the kid. Other names for the Child Travel Consent Form are Parental Consent Form and Child Travel Consent Letter.

Who Takes the Child Travel Consent Form? – People Involved

The Child Travel Consent Form is mainly for the minors, and it is used by either them or anyone else traveling with them as temporary guardians or caretakers. These temporary caretakers can also be family members such as grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. A kid may be in a situation where he or she has to go somewhere alone for some official project without their legal guardian.

Separated parents also might have to use the form when one of them is traveling with the kid in the absence of the other.

Purpose of the Child Travel Consent Form – Why Do You Need It?

In situations such as a minor traveling alone, a minor traveling with some other adult who is not his legal guardian, a minor traveling with his friends, a minor traveling with one of his separated guardians, etc., a written permission or Child Travel Consent Form is needed.

Irrespective of whether the kid is traveling domestic or international, the form pays a huge role. However, for international trips, the form becomes a mandate. When adults accompany the kid, they hold the responsibility to answer the concerned authorities and show the permission by the kid’s legal guardian.

  • Security and authorization are more vigilant about kids traveling because of all horribles incidents taking place against kids these days
  • A legal document is needed to allow kids to travel alone or without their parents
  • If parents are separated or are divorced and share kid’s custody, they might have to use the consent form
  • If the minor is traveling due to a school project with school friends or teachers, a form is needed to protect the kid
  • If the minor is being taken care of by a temporary guardian for some time and they happen to travel in that period, a consent form allows smooth procedure and ensure kid’s safety
  • To make authorities confident and assured

Contents of the Child Travel Consent Form – Inclusions

A Child Travel Consent Form will include all important details about the kid, such as his name, passport information, birthplace, legal guardian details, and their signature. The legal guardian’s contact information is one of the most important inclusions in the form.

In case the minor is accompanied by a guardian, a friend, or caretaker, their information will also be included in the form.

It should be noted that this orm doesn’t allow the guardian to make temporary medical decisions for the kid, and hence, a separate Child Medical Consent form is needed to authorize medical treatments, health information about the child, etc.

List of Inclusions in the Child Travel Consent Form –

  • Minor’s information including name, birthplace and passport details
  • Information about minor’s special needs such as allergy, bodily issue, etc
  • Permission from at least one of the non-traveling legal guardian
  • Legal Guardian’s names, address and contact details
  • Travel information such as dates of travel, destination names, etc
  • Information of guardian or caretaker traveling with the kid
  • Signature of at least one legal guardian who is not traveling along
  • Any other important detail of the kid and of the caretaker accompanying the kid

It should be noted that the specific rules for consent forms can differ from country to country. Such information should be first varied with the officials and then put to implementation.

How to Draft the Child Travel Consent Form?

First and foremost, it is essential to know when exactly you need Child Travel Consent Form for your kids. In most cases, a kid less than 18 years would require a form while traveling. However, some domestic and international airlines may have their own regulations. It is suggested that one must understand these details before actually drafting the form.

Next, one must specify the reason why, how, and with whom the minor is traveling. For instance, in the case of separated parents or single parents, the parent traveling with the kid must show the legal agreement that proves the separation or court’s order that allows the kid to travel with one parent. In the absence of such a court order, a Child Travel Consent Form helps single parents traveling with the minor.

Further, all crucial information pertaining to the travel and the minor must be added in the form, in addition to the information about the guardian traveling along with the kid. Passport details, correct names, address, contact details, travel dates, etc. are paramount details. Minor’s medical situation should be specified if he or she happens to have one. The legal guardian should be extra cautious as eventually, they have to sign the form.

A Child Travel Consent Form is a very important legal document that saves time and effort. In the absence of it, the minor might not be able to travel. Thus, it should be treated with the utmost seriousness. An expert’s help should be taken in case of any doubt. One must be fully aware of that country or city’s laws relating to minor traveling.

Negotiation Strategy

A Child Travel Consent Form is a must-have for minors traveling abroad without their legal guardian, and hence, there can’t be any negotiations with authority. The document should be presented in the way the law of your country requires it to be. For domestic travel, there may still be some scope for the negotiation, but it is not advisable to waste time at the airport, trying to convince authorities for something that they might not agree with.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Child Travel Consent Form

Cases of abduction, trafficking, pornography, etc. are increasing against the minors. Due to which the authorities are always cautious about minors traveling without their legal guardians. As citizens, it is everyone’s responsibility not to try and breach rules that are made for the safety of kids.

For some people, Child Travel Consent Form may look like an unnecessary hassle, but it, in fact, is for your benefit. It allows your kid/minor to travel alone or with his or her relatives. With the help of this form, minors can go for school projects with teachers and friends. Both international and national travel get authorized because of this form.


  • Allows minors to travel alone
  • Allows minors to travel with their non-legal caretakers or guardian
  • Allows minors to travel with one of their parents who is separated or divorced
  • Allows minors to travel with single parents
  • Helps authorities know about all the important details about kid’s travel
  • Saves time and energy at the last moment at the airport
  • No arguments with airline authorities
  • No delay in immigration and other last minutes procedurals

There are no drawbacks of signing a Child Travel Consent Form, yet some people might consider it a hassle. It is suggested that the form should not be treated as trouble.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

A notarized letter of consent is an absolute necessity in most of the cases where minors need to travel abroad. However, this is not the only document you will require. There might be some more documents that one needs to present in front of the authorities. You must know the laws and rules of your states much before your or your kid’s travel dates.

One must put only the right information on the Child Travel Consent Form. In case of any breach and misinformation(1), authorities are well within their rights to take you to custody. The U.S Customs and Border Protection agents can also detain the kid if they suspect any wrongdoing.

The information of the person traveling with the kid must be accurate, too — the official pay close attention to all the details pertaining to the temporary caretaker of the minor.

To prevent any detention and hassle the last moment, you must sure you have a Child Travel Consent Form with you when you are traveling with a minor. Generally speaking, any kid below the age of 18 is considered to be minor, but in some places, this age limit can be 21 too.

In case a minor is traveling with a single parent, and his or her parents are divorced, many other legal documents proving the separation and law order talking about the legal custody of the kid should also be presented.

You must also notarize the Child Travel Consent Form. At some places, it may not be necessary, yet it is recommended that you get the form signed by a notary public.