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Channel Lease Agreement

The Channel Lease Agreement is a contract between two companies or two parties. These two parties are the lessor and the lessee for the television or radio channel lease, which acquires an appropriate license from private carriers for the construction and operation of individual channels.

Any private carrier network which seeks to rent the channel for a constrained period to the next party on the lease which needs to utilize the chain for correspondence/business purposes must sign a legal channel rent consent to keep away from future problems and mistaken assumptions.

The acquirement of a channel rent agreement may seem a distressing activity, but appropriate documentation works out to be helpful for both the lessor and the lessee and can save them from any kind of misunderstandings and conflicts, in the later days to come. With a suitable channel rent contract, you can spread out your rights as much as the other party who entered the agreement and stay away from numerous disarrays later on.

When Do You Need the Channel Lease Agreement?

A channel lease agreement is needed to bind the lessor with the lessee legally. It means that the contracting parties have concurred and have gone into a course of action with no external impact on them. The channel lease agreement likewise gives certain rights and forces explicit denials concerning the execution of related activities to both the parties. Similarly, a channel rent understanding very well qualifies as an agreement since it is enforceable by law.

Inclusions in Channel Lease Agreement

At the point when a channel lease agreement is marked, it presents certain rights and obligations to each of the parties in the contract. Every lease comes in association with a lessor and a lessee and may sometimes include sub-lessees as well. The lessor and the lessee are the two parties involved in a channel lease agreement.

A lease of a television channel does not contrast much from the rental of a radio channel; yet, the minor contrasts, if not suitably tended to, might make some issues in future. Subsequently, before joining a channel rent understanding, both the resident and lessor must wind up mindful of their statutory rights ultimately.

The understanding should, along with these lines be confined in the most explicit language conceivable to make it effectively justifiable by all and not merely by the lawmen, or the gatherings alone. Both the meetings must peruse and comprehend the terms, condition, and statements of diverting leaving referenced in the understanding effectively and should consent to them entirely and sign it in one another’s quality.

How to Draft the Channel Lease Agreement?

Drafting the Lockheed Martin Supplementary Pension Plan agreement should only be done by an authorized attorney.

Benefits of Channel Lease Agreement/ Pros and Cons

The Channel Lease Agreement has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • One of the most beneficial advantages of the channel lease agreement is the avoidance of the initial outlay of cash
  • The alternatives for the channel lease agreement are very time-consuming and involve lengthy procedures. Leasing out of channels can do away with such delays
  • Channel leasing agreement also helps to enhance the liquidity of funds


  • There is a risk of being deprived of the actual asset value in a channel lease agreement
  • The lessee has to bear penalties of premature revocation of the lease

 Key Terms/Clauses in the Channel Lease Agreement

Names of all the lessors and lessees in the contract

The channel lease agreement must state clearly the names of all the lessors and lessees in the agreement. Reporting, the names helps in legally binding everyone so named to the responsibilities and terms and conditions of the channel lease agreement.

  • Limits on the lease: It is essential to specify that the rental contract is only for the legitimate parties and not for sub-lease. This clause in the channel lease agreement gives the right of eviction to the lessee to the lessor.
  • Term of the channel lease: Every document of the channel lease agreement must clearly state whether it is a lease of a fixed time or a monthly rental lease.
  • Rent amount: The channel lease agreement needs to specify the rent amount and the effective date on which the amount becomes due. The contract can also enlist the methods of payment, determine the overdue fine, additional charges, etc.
  • Security fees and deposits: The return and utilization of security fees and deposits are often a cause of friction between the lessor and lessee. For the avoidance of legal hassles and confusion, specify the limits, uses, and refunding of the security deposits clearly in the channel lease agreement.
  • Restrictions on the leasing activity: Elucidate the limit in the channel lease agreement for the prevention of illegal and inconsistent activities by the lessee while he is a party to the lease agreement.

Download a sample channel lease agreement and customize it as per your choices and needs with an effective date as decided by the contracting of specific articles and sections that lay down the key terms, clauses, and guidelines regarding the annuity.

Sample for Channel Lease Agreement

Channel Lease Agreement Template

Channel Lease Agreement

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This agreement is made between Lesse and Lessor on the effective date of 13th November, 2011.

Lesse represented by

Ms. Susan Wilson

Suntrust Media

Address: 13428 Chinaberry Lane, Edmond OK 73013

Contact number: (405) 340-8631

Lessor represented by:

Mr. Raphael Petrucci

Suncity 92.8FM

Address: 1411 S Saint Louis Avenue, Tulsa OK 74120

Contact number: (918) 585-6458

Terms and Conditions:

  • The “Lessee” has developed and put in place a wireless cable system for serving the Edmond market and desires the leasing out of transmission capacity from the “Lessor” so that they can expand their channel capacity, only if the facility of “Lessor” can be relocated to the transmission of the “Lessee” and configured in such a way that it is compatible technically with the other Edmond area stations that the Lessor has proposed to employ in Edmond, Oklahoma.
  • The “Lessor” has clearly indicated that they desire to lease out the channel’s full capacity on a 24 hours / twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week on a private carrier basis.
  • The term and conditions of this Channel Lease Agreement states that this agreement is valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of commencement and includes 3 consecutive year renewal terms, unless the agreement is voluntarily terminated through written consent by both “Lesse” and “Lessor”.
  • For purposes of the Channel Lease Agreement, the Date of Commencement will be the date when “Lessee” completes their construction of the Radio Station as specified.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties “Lesse” and “Lessor” have executed this Capital Accumulation Plan as on the date set forth which is 11/13/2011 (MM/DD/YY).