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Certificate of Incorporation Agreement

A certificate of incorporation is an official document that must be created and filed with the secretary of state’s office when one decides to start a company. The certificate of incorporation contains the articles of incorporation which lay down the purpose of the organization and the rules by which the operations and management will be managed. By filing for this certificate, the corporation takes the first step of formally legalizing the business.

In order to create a certificate of incorporation one needs to first select a name for the company and fill up the forms related to certificate of incorporation according to the state you live in. The purpose or mission of the organization must be stated, especially if it is a non-profit organization which will grant you tax benefits. The names of the directors must be added and add a list of rules by which the company will be governed in a clear and organized manner. At the end, sign and date it.

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Sample Certificate of Incorporation Agreement

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Certificate of Incorporation Agreement

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